Quirks and Perks of Living in Central City, Colorado

Just when life in Central City starts to seem monotonous and simplistic, there’s always something going on to remind you that this is not merely any small town. Most recently, the event unique to Central City was the Lou Bunch day. According to history, Lou Bunch was the Madam of a prostitution home who let people who were sick during an influenza break into her home. She had the prostitutes take care of the invalids and because of her contributions (and I’m sure that may encompass many interpretations), she was given a day. She was also a prominent figure within the town, but I’m not sure exactly what that means other than what I just mentioned, but I’m sure there is a historical reason. Anyhow, one of the ways of celebrating this day involves the Bed Races, in which one man pushes a bed down a street and another man pushes a bed up the street and a woman is in the bed the entire time. I suppose you thank your lucky stars if you were the downhill guy instead of having to fight an uphill battle with a girl. Overall, the race brings a new meaning to the word “Threesome.” I must also say that night was the first time I heard sirens in Central City; I’m not sure if something got out of hand or if it was just some kind of parade or addition to the celebrating.

Street View2 copyAnother Lew I encountered was my neighbor. When I had first arrived in Central City, I drove to the end of my street and couldn’t find my housing. A friendly old neighbor and his wife led me to the correct home, and I figured I may never see them again. Turns out as I was walking home, Lew pulled up beside me and remembered where I had lived and wondered if I wanted a ride. Since our first encounter, I had learned a lot about this man. I had been told he wrote a newspaper about the town that brings up quirks, oddities, and everyday occurrences in Central City in a witty and amusing (dare I say, scandalous) manner. He sometimes will have a young woman from Central City pose nude but not show her face so people don’t know who she is. So, you can imagine that even though I trust this man, I don’t really want to end up in this paper (and that could happen in many different ways). I decided to get into the car since he was taking me up to Third High Street, and when they say HIGH they mean HIGH because you’ll literally be out of breath by the time you get home. I feel really sorry for the guy who has to get all the way up to Fifth or Sixth High Street. In the end, Lew was totally legit and I suddenly realize how ironic it is that I was worried that he might write something on me, yet here I am writing about him!

Mountainside copyThese are just a couple of quirks, besides the random downpour of rain that occurs every afternoon. As for the perks, it occurred to me this evening as I was walking home from work. It was pretty late and I hadn’t eaten dinner and needed to drive to the grocery store about 30 minutes away. I was trudging along thinking about what I needed to do about my new house, the very full alterations rack, and just about anything I could think of, when I looked up and saw a performer in one of the shows I’m working on. She smiled and greeted me and told me about how nice the sunset was. Suddenly, I turned around and saw how beautiful it was and forgot about all of my problems. It’s funny how something so simple and so natural can swiftly make you see everything differently. I’m beginning to think that perhaps I should do that every night to help lift my spirits. Just when I started getting bored with Central City, it turned me around and made me realize how its quirks and its perks can make me see all the good I’m missing in the town and in my own life.

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