Plastic-Free July: Week 3

After feeling fueled last week to attempt some new steps for shopping and cleaning during Plastic-Free July, I was empowered and ready to go! My first step was to purchase some reusable bamboo silverware and once it arrived I made sure to put it in my backpack along with a collapsible plastic storage container just in case I decided to eat at a restaurant and needed containers for leftovers. I felt proud of myself for remembering to make this a part of my routine to reduce my consumption and waste of plastic. Armed and ready, I was eager to take on the world! So, how did this week turn out? I found it wasn’t with fanfare, but a realization about sustainable living that made all the difference in my affirmations.

I actually haven’t needed to go to the store, which made my experiment of remembering to take my own plastic containers unnecessary for the moment. I also continue to use my homemade cleaning supplies, which eliminated the need to make any new cleaning supplies. And, although I was ready to descend on the world with my reusable bamboo silverware and collapsible plastic storage, I didn’t end up eating out. At first, I was beginning to wonder what I would report since I didn’t have any new updates or perspectives to share. However, I’m beginning to think that may be the best thing about this week.

For the first time, I didn’t need to think about being faced with the decision of plastic for convenience versus avoiding plastic and compromising to adhere to my goals of living a more sustainable life. I simply lived and had options in place in case I did decide to go out or need to head to the store for a shopping trip. Although I do not live a completely plastic-free life, not consuming or wasting additional plastic this week was something I didn’t worry about because I made adjustments ahead of time so the choices wouldn’t be incredibly difficult. For the first time, I’m beginning to see that living a more sustainable life by incorporating one step at a time helps make it more manageable. Having more eco-friendly options in my backpack and a refillable water bottle at all times wasn’t a burden. It was simple and I could see how each item could fit into both my purse and my backpack. Also, having vegetables from my family’s garden and not eating out for lunch made the choices even easier.

If there’s anything from this week that I reflected on, it’s that making more sustainable choices isn’t as complex as everyone thinks. In fact, it can be pretty simple and straight-forward sometimes based on the small behaviors we adjust. Sounds like a great takeaway to me . . .

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay

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