Plastic-Free July: Week 2

After Week 1 of Plastic-Free July, I decided to take a few steps forward to be proactive and make this challenge a success. During Week 1, I encountered some situations where I couldn’t avoid plastic silverware, which led me to purchase reusable bamboo silverware. Although I’ve found bamboo has some setbacks, it’s a step up from using and tossing out plastic silverware. And since I like my bamboo toothbrush, I decided, why not try the silverware too? I’ve also reminded myself to avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store when I can and decided the next time I purchase a large amount of one type of produce, I’ll have to make sure it finds its way to my cloth shopping bag instead of feeling I have to resort to plastic.

While these are all great steps I’m proud I took, there have been a couple of long days at work that made it tough to completely avoid plastic. One specific incident was after volunteering at a fundraising gala for my work. Events like these take all day and after working for more than twelve hours, someone offered me a bottle of water they purchased. Feeling tired and thirsty, do I refuse because it’s plastic? I decided this might be one instance where I had to accept the plastic because it didn’t make sense to me to reject water after a long day because I forgot a refillable water bottle at home.

While I wait for my reusable bamboo silverware to arrive, I’m thinking up my next steps to reduce my plastic consumption and waste. Suggestions from Plastic-Free July have some shopping and cleaning recommendations I haven’t tried. I think I know what my next challenge will be . . . stay tuned for updates next week!

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay

What have been days where you’ve noticed you’ve used plastic for convenience? How have you tried to remedy the situation for the future?

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