Peruvian Style Inspiration

Have you been to Polyvore yet?  No, I’m not talking about an actual country.  It’s a website where I have found I can combine my inspiration for fashion and travel.  Having traveled to many countries and states within the USA, I felt the need to wander, but without the time in my schedule, I found my mind in a restless state.  Looking back through some of my photos, I began to find inspiration, but in a different form.  Assisting a fashion company committed to sustainability and women’s empowerment gave me more inspiration as I began to create inspiration style boards on Polyvore featuring my travels and eco-fashion companies.  Take a look at my style sets:

Peruvian Colors Inspiration

$27 –
Made from ecological materials, Wabi Sabi uses suppliers who follow fair trade guidelines for workers and respect the environment.  The company’s non-seasonal designs are made in the USA and are meant to be worn year-round.  To learn more about Wabi Sabi’s Kickstarter campaign and “Sustainable City Style” collection, CLICK HERE.

Yellow gold earrings
Raven + Lily‘s founders, Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin, created the company as a platform for ethical and eco-friendly fashion to help eradicate poverty and empower women in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the USA.  To learn more about Raven + Lily’s products and commitment to sustainability, view their promo video HERE.


Based in New Zealand, Untouched World is the first and only lifestyle fashion company to receive recognition from the United Nations for sustainability.  The company also started Untouched World Charitable Trust (UWCT) to fund programs that teach students about sustainability and protecting the environment.

Fortress of Inca‘s products are handmade in Peru and combine traditional woven Peruvian designs to each shoe.  The company remains committed to fair wages and quality materials while creating these traditional designs.

Travel dopp kit
Mercado Global is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by providing business education to local artisans and connecting them to international markets to sell their products.  Mercado Global seeks to alleviate poverty by empowering local artisans and helping them become successful business owners.

Clothes for an Emperor
Piura and Catacaos Inspirations


Fitted tunic
Albama Chanin‘s products are not only made in the USA, but they also are hand-sewn and contain 100% organic cotton.  To learn about Natalie Chanin’s collaboration with Patagonia’s Truth to Materials collection, CLICK HERE.

Tote bag
$170 –
Fashion ComPassion features luxury brands who have eco-friendly designs that are ethically and sustainably produced.  Interested in learning about their partnership with the United Nations World Food Program and social impact?  CLICK HERE.

Bib statement necklace
Noonday Collection assists in developing countries to provide employment, fair wages, no-interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance, and long-term trade to their artisans.  Noonday Collection also hires Ambassadors to host trunk shows to sell to friends and family.

Maiyet is luxury fashion brand that partners with local artisans to maintain ancient crafting techniques and promote prosperity and stability within the artisan’s community.  Maiyet has also partnered with Nest, a non-profit organization, to help train and develop artisan businesses and entrepreneurship.

Beyond Skin – Lion in mint floral
$72 –
A vegan footwear line, this Brighton-based company has it’s shoes made in Alicante, Spain and has styles from sandals to heels to boots.

Created in Sydney, Australia, this London-based clothing company focuses using eco-friendly fabrics including hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton.

Sun hat
Working with local artisans in Madagascar, Mar Y Sol brings quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility to each product.  Mar Y Sol focuses on respecting traditional crafts and using sustainable materials.

Machu Picchu Inspiration


Flower purse
$255 –

Cuff jewelry

Silver jewelry


Mata Traders partners with artisans and producer groups in India who embody fair trade principles.  The company not only strives to produce quality handiwork but also works with organizations who empower and educate women.


Bourgeouis Boheme‘s shoes are unique designs made from ethical materials and production methods in Portugal.  To learn about their process, starting with design and ending with finishing touches in London, CLICK HERE.

In the Ruins
I’m thrilled to be featuring these eco and ethical fashion companies whose purposes extend beyond beautiful and trendy styles.  Each is committed to quality in production and design as well as creating a story behind each piece, whether it be about the environment or the artisans.  I hope this “trend” of eco-friendly, sustainability, and artisan empowerment in fashion is here to stay!

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