Paper and the Runway

Love Is In the Air 3 copy*”Love is in the Air” By:, Designers: Janrace Prudent with Jim Wills, Paper: Neenah Classic Crest, Model: December Breidel

In a society where ideas, dreams, and opinions are broadcast with an ever-increasing amount at light speed with videos, music, and photos across the universe of cyberspace, it seems as though paper is becoming an ancient artifact.  So, when an advertisement for the Art Directors Club of Denver’s 10th Annual Paper Fashion Show catches my eye, I know my curiosity to see a nearly forgotten material transformed into a functional fashion design will be satisfied.  I never quite lost the use or fascination for paper as I eagerly combed through paper stores feeling the weight and texture and got lost in the possibilities of white, ivory, cream, and other numerous colors.  Although it seemed the rest of the world didn’t share my excitement with the domination of smart phones, iPods, and notebooks now switching from college-ruled paper to a computer screen, paper still plays an important part of society.  Paper still has an underlying structure to our world, and the Paper Fashion Show begins to open my eyes to that framework of possibilities.

Spirit of the Golden Wind copy

Spirit of the Golden Wind 2 copy

*”Spirit of the Golden Wind,” By: Barry Brown Creative, Designer: Barry Brown, Paper: Nennah Classic Crest and Fibermark Metal X, nxtModel: Sarah Schriver

Each piece on the runway, from front to back, has its own set of unique textures, color combinations, and styles.  Some are futuristic with sharp angles like HighBridge Creative’s “Kida,” others are playful and reminiscent of the childhood spirit like Escape’s “Nutcracker Ballet,” and some a vintage nod to the past the past like Karsh Hagan Merbirds’ “A Clockwork Victorian”.  The shards of paper come alive as they grace the runway and the audience becomes intrigued and inspired by the artistry in front of them.  Perhaps paper is making a comeback . . .

Kida 2 copy

*”Kida,” By: HighBridge Creative, Designers: Designers: Brandon Roth with Sarah Takahashi, Orlando Vidali, Brandon Roth, Boeun Kim, Daniel Stoval, Rachel Shelton, Aviva Johnson, and Mike Roth, Paper: Mohawk Strathmore Premium, Model: Erica Prather

Whether we realize it or not, paper is woven deep within the threads of our society.  Sadako believed folding a thousand paper cranes would cure her from leukemia, the meaning of the words written on the papers of the U.S. Constitution is still argued over amongst politicians as they analyze the historical document, and the authenticity of William Shakespeare’s playwright reputation is under constant scrutiny since no papers of his original manuscripts remain.  It seems that although we are in a digital age, we still rely on the words in fine print on the page.  It seems this thin leaf of material furnished from the trees has more dependability and security than the computerized machines we rely on today.  After all, computers can crash, cellphones can drop calls and apps can shut down without warning, but paper can withstand time.  If paper ever does lose its value within the fabric of our world or begin to deteriorate into obscurity, all it needs is a night to shine and flourish on the runway.

AD 14 4 copy*”A.D. 14″ By: The Rios Fam, Designers: Jon Rios with Jonathan Rios, Kaden Rios, and Julain Rios, Paper: Neenah Royal Sundance, nxtModel: Ashley Gonzales

Jellyfish Madness

*”Jellyfish Madness,” By: FCCLA at Chatfield Senior High School, Designers: Peggy Gold with Emilee Cordes, Megan O’Neil, and Katie O’Neil, Paper: Mohawk Britehue, Model Katie O’Neil

For more information and future events, visit the Art Directors Club of Denver website and view a complete list of 2014 Paper Fashion Show Winners.

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