October 2017 Affirmations

Even though I love the summer sun, I look forward to the crisp autumn air and a time for change with October approaching. One of my favorite things about this month is how it signifies a time for all of us to turn a new leaf. Although this term usually refers to recovery after shocking events, even if you aren’t recovering from difficult circumstances, fall is always a time for moving forward. Looking back on September’s affirmation, I find that I have changed a great deal, shedding my possessions and realizing how little I needed them. As my graduate studies continue, I’m finding how much I can live without as I look ahead to the future.

Moving forward, what do I have in store for October? Although I’ve posted some of my favorite sustainability resources from past affirmations, I’ve found I’m incredibly behind and not taking time out from schoolwork to partake in what I enjoy and reboot. That’s why this month, I’m focusing on this affirmation: I am a person who reads books, listens to podcasts, and watches documentaries on sustainable and ethical practices.

Seeing my pile of Netflix envelopes, stack of books to read, and the number of new podcasts available to listen to, I’m seeing how far behind I am and what I want to catch up on. My observations are not from the realization that I need to read or listen to numerous podcasts, but that I want to in order to give myself a break from the obligations of homework. Yes, coursework can pile up, but it’s important to recharge and focus on what makes me happy and gives me purpose. That’s why I look forward to making time for myself and what is important to me.

Cover photo image: Pixabay

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