November 2017 Affirmations

It’s that time of year again when scary stories come to an end and shopping lists become the priority. Committing to reading books and watching documentaries on sustainability, has unfortunately gotten me behind on my October affirmations, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping here. Taking out moments to tune into a podcast or open a book that isn’t from my graduate school readings is beneficial to remember why I have a passion for certain ways of living, traveling, and purchasing. Because I still have some books to finish reading and documentaries to watch, I’ll be carrying some of last month’s affirmations into this month. However, the mention of shopping lists has got me thinking about what I can focus on in November.

What does my gift list have to do with my affirmations this month? November is known for Holiday shopping as celebrations approach. That’s why I’m focusing on this affirmation: I am a person who shops locally.

Trying to find presents for everyone, it’s easy to select what is available and on sale. There is nothing wrong with hunting for discounts or purchasing items from some stores that aren’t local. I realize not everyone can find what they want at a local shop. However, this month I’m taking the time to find something at local stores, which may require creativity if my family and friends are looking for generic items. I’m eager to take on the challenge and see what I can uncover as well as share my reasons for shopping local.

Cover photo image: Pixabay

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