Notes on Ashland and Theatre

To begin, my notes start with my work part of my fellowship at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Today we had a show intro for “Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter.” Show intros are basically a presentation in which people working on the show discuss the production and their contributions to the production. Mostly the designers and the director talk about their approach to the show. This intro was different because this is a new play and the playwright was there to talk as well. The show is going to the Lincoln Center this year, which must be very exciting for everyone involved. One of the fellows/apprentices in our group is helping with the set design and is the first winner of the Richard Hay Fellowship.

To go along with this little note, I’ve been socializing along with the working. Sunday night I met up with a co-worker whom I had been a stitcher with 3 years ago on “Romeo and Juliet” at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. It’s hard to believe that after we met during my first professional experience, we’re meeting again 3 years later! The theatre world is a VERY small world indeed. As we talked about theatre, we began to realize that some of the theatres I had heard of, she had actually worked at. I had mentioned hearing about Seaside Music Theatre and she had designed 2 shows for them already. It was good to hear about what she had to say about each theatre.

The other FAIR apprentices and I went to dinner last night as well. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can get together more often. Since most of the people in the group have their graduate degrees or in the process of getting their degrees, it’s interesting to listen to the knowledge they have. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and intimidated by their awareness of various theatre companies and their experience, but at the same time, listening to them is almost like good advice. From their understanding I learn more about what to possibly do next and figure out not only how theatre works but also what I eventually want. They also ask me what I’m thinking of doing and it’s nice to get their opinions.

When I’m not socializing, I stay home and knit while watching “Lost” on DVD. I have books I’m starting to get into, but I also plan on playing with my new camera when I get a chance. Something I want to get is a picture of all the deer I’ve seen. In fact, last night while I was leaving for dinner, I ran into 4 deer in my driveway! I just thought to myself, “Well guys, chow down on some grub. We all gotta eat!” At first I wondered if they might be large dogs until I realized it was a small group of deer feasting on the shrubbery for dinner . . . only in Ashland.

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