New Friends in Ashland

Other than interning at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and coming home to warm apartment, I haven’t been up to much in Ashland. Last night after work, I got together with some girls in the costume shop. We decided to have a game night and people brought snacks to enjoy. My co-workers were surprised to see that I was animated and competitive at games. Little do they know that I’m used to my family who is 10 times louder than I was last night. Most of the time with my family, I hear: “That’s not right! That’s cheating! You can’t do that!,” “What’s that supposed to be! It doesn’t look like what the card has written on it, it looks like a (insert options here),” “What’re you doing that for?,” and other various arguments over strategies, rules, techniques, etc.

Today I hung out with Amy, another girl in the FAIR program. She’s helping out in Scenic Design. We went to see “Juno” at the Varsity Theatre, a theatre that shows independent films. After the film, she needed to go to Medford to look for paper for a model of a set she’s working on. Although I haven’t done this for scene design, I thought I would mention that a model of a set is a scaled down, miniature version of what the set will look like; basically it’s a dollhouse version of the set once it’s been drafted/drawn. So, Amy noted that dollhouse items and sets for making things like model airplanes could be used to help build these miniature sets. Afterwards we went and hung out with Ross, an assistant director with the FAIR program. His schedule is pretty grueling; he has to go to work at noon, leave at 5, have a 2 hour break, and then be at work from 7 until midnight EVERYDAY. As far as I know, the other intern in assistant directing has the same schedule.

The night ended with me cleaning my apartment (yea!). I have a lot of errands to run, which I plan on completing while waiting for my laundry at the laundromat. The laundromat is on 3rd street, so it’s a few blocks away. Perhaps my next blog will be the adventures of my trek to the laundromat . . . stay tuned . . .

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