My Start in Central City, Colorado

It’s my second week working and living in Central City, and for the first time I have housing, which is nice so I don’t have to commute. Even better news is that I got my reimbursement check for commuting (cha-ching)! This, of course, brings me to my house . . . . oh, my house. All of the housing for the Central City Opera are historic homes they try to preserve (try being the operative word). Keep in mind that these homes are over 100 years old, so anything that can fall apart probably will or has fallen apart. To begin with, my home had to be fixed last week because termites were eating the floor, the floor in the kitchen was sinking, and the entire place smelled of mold. My roommate also informed me of the odd floor of the shower and the quirky toilet (lovely). Also there used to be a third bedroom, but the door has been locked off because it is no longer functional (hmmmm . . . ). I’m usually not extremely picky about where I live, but I’m glad I’m only here for two months. It is comforting to know that mine is not the only home with a few problems here and there . . . .

Despite all of my hesitations, the home has its charms. The wallpaper, furniture, and decorations are all Victorian and there is quite a lot of space for my roommate and me. There is also a journal that previous tenants wrote in about Central City and the house and it’s interesting how people mention that gambling has made the city take a turn for the worst. I guess you don’t think about how things might have been different before you got there. One of the most amusing entries was a woman who mentioned that there were two other singers and her living in the home (very interesting to note the mysterious third bedroom was used). She mentioned that it would be an interesting summer with three divas, one bathroom, and limited space for husbands and boyfriends. So, I suppose the house was not quite near dilapidation at one point from the entries, although I have to wonder how it will soon fare. I guess you could say the home is like Hugh Hefner, it once had everything going for it, and now that it has aged it tries to retain some of it’s appeal and charm publicly but privately everything may not be functioning as well as it used to.

As for the town, I still have yet to explore and am anticipating that it will be just as unique and quirky as my housing. From what I can tell the town is engulfed by casinos and there are a few second hand shops and convenient stores that have been modified to appear as though they were from the 1890s. It’s almost as if Central City were built to literally let the people escape the present and run away to the past. I’ve heard about some hiking trails, so hopefully I can figure out the whereabouts of these and do some exploring. It’s still very cold up here and I expect it will remain that way for quite some time, which is very frustrating. My only hope is that it doesn’t snow, otherwise I might have to say, “Bah Humbug,” and that’s a very odd thing to be saying in June.

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  1. Doris

    Sounds interesting, but it also sounds like we won’t get to see you in a few weeks. 🙁

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