My Final Days in Ashland, Oregon

I am days away from my end here at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as a F.A.I.R. Costume Fellow and it’s so strange to think that I am almost done. I feel like there’s so much left that I have to do and there’s so much that I want to learn and take on. What I’m going to miss most of all is the people I have met along the way. I have enjoyed all of the drapers that I worked with and almost wish I could stay just to develop more with them and perhaps with others. All of my supervisors and mentors have been incredibly supportive and encouraging and I feel like I can talk to them about the concerns and thoughts I have in my life. The positive and supportive energy at the festival has been something that I hope to find other places I work, and I feel like I can bring that energy into my life both professionally and personally.  During my last meeting with my last meeting with my mentor, I felt like I could be really open with her and discuss everything that has been going on.  I told her I’m still exploring my options in costumes and she mentioned talking with people in different areas of costumes to see how and why the picked the position they are in. I really wonder what a regular day for some people like designers, drapers, shop managers, etc. is like and with more information I can hopefully see where I want to go in the future.

I also attended a performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The costumes and set design were centered around the 1970s. The fairies were all dressed in disco/club costumes with tutus and platform boots. The humans/lovers were first dressed in white costumes with a 70s feel. The authority/adults were dressed in costumes that almost appeared to be similar to the 70s but in comparison to the lovers the angels were sharper and more definitive. The commoners who perform a play at the end were in a VW bus with flowers painted on it; they were definitely the hippies :). I was curious as to how the show would be handled, but most of the gestures and characteristics taken on by the actors matched the setting of the play very well. The audience LOVED the show and there was a standing ovation afterwards. The theatre was pretty filled, which is always a delight no matter which part of the process you’re involved in.

I don’t have much to report as far as my career goes after this. I want to take some time to explore and try out somethings I might have overlooked or given up on a while ago. Perhaps I will be back in theatre in the fall, but I think this summer will give me some time to try patterning, drawing, and other things that I haven’t made enough time for. I appreciate this experience and I’m very grateful for everything that has happened to me on this journey. I don’t regret taking this at all. I’m very very happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this company if only for a short part of my life.

I’m still pursuing work in Denver. I have some ideas about what I might want to take on, but I have some more research to do. I hope I get to meet with some more people in the shop before I have to leave. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has definitely been a great experience for me, no matter what avenue of life I choose.

Icicles in Ashland

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