My Bathroom Inventory

As someone who rarely wears makeup and strives to make their own beauty products, you might wonder why I decided to go through my toiletries for the 100 Thing Challenge. My reason for looking through my toiletries is simply because my bathroom is something I use every day, but I hardly ever think to inventory it to see what I have. Surely, I must not have that much if I see my toiletries every day and know what I have, right? I decided rather than assume I might as well use this opportunity to see what I don’t use and what I can give up on. As Dave Bruno points out, one of the hardest things he had eliminating was his woodworking tools. He held onto them, fantasizing about the woodworking artisan he might be, but never actually became. Looking around my bathroom, I wondered if there might be anything I was holding onto in hopes of becoming a persona I idealized.

Digging through my bathroom, here’s what I found:

Nail polish bottles: 4

Make-up remover: 3

Lipstick: 6

Make-up brushes: 7

Foundation containers: 4

Eyeshadow: 14

Make-up tools: 2

Vitamins and medicines: 7

Feminine hygiene items: 3

Soap bars: 2

Lotion bottles: 6

Toothpaste bottles: 4

Travel toiletries: 6

Razor: 2

Blow dryer: 1

Brush: 1

Homemade cleaners: 6

Toothbrushes: 3

Floss containers: 2

Deodorant: 1

Face wash: 3

Sponges: 2

Miscellaneous items: 6

My reason for not grouping all of my makeup items is to determine how much I had, and for someone who hardly ever wears makeup, I have WAY too much. How exactly did I end up with fourteen different eyeshadows and six shades of lipstick? Thinking on Dave Bruno’s journey, I concluded I bought so much make-up thinking I would become this glamorized version of myself and that I would make an effort to wear it since I had exactly what I needed. I’m not sure if I was trying to have fun with my image or be a Hollywood star, but clearly, neither inspiration actually motivated me to pick up makeup and use it. This means it’s time for me to go through my make-up and decide what I’ll use. Perhaps cutting back on my makeup will motivate me to use what I have instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.

A few other flaws I see are three toothbrushes (who needs that many?), the various lotion and toothpaste bottles I’ve accumulated and the vitamins and medicines I’ve acquired to prepare myself for my unpredictable stomach. At this point, some of these items are being stored for future use. It’s good to have these numbers in my mind, so I don’t purchase items I don’t need during future trips to the store. I don’t foresee myself embarking on any homemade lotions or face washes anytime soon, but I do strive to find more products that are eco-friendly and have fewer toxic chemicals. This is where my new discovery, the Think Dirty app, has come in handy. At this point, I know what types of toiletries I need, and even though I don’t need any now, I’ve come to love this app to find more eco-friendly options for future purchases. I also scanned my entire bathroom to see my overall rating: seven. The basic idea behind this app is to have a score lower than two, which means I have a lot of work to do when it comes to using up what I have and acquiring toiletries that have lower ratings. Understanding this, however, doesn’t make me feel as though the goal is impossible to reach. The silver lining of this week in the 100 Thing Challenge is to not only reduce what I own but have manageable aspirations for myself and my life. For now, I’m giving up the Hollywood glamour I supposedly aspired to and come to the realization that I’m already valuable as I am.

Cover Photo Image: Pixabay

What has made you hold onto items you don’t use?

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