Musical Muse At Home

Music lovers know Sunday is an important day, since the GRAMMYs marks the annual awards ceremony for quality music and musicians.  You may think music is something that only plays in the speakers of your car or the twang of a guitar played by your high school crush who exuded mystery and allure.  However, music is something you can enjoy year round, and not just for fun and pleasure.  If you’re truly a music buff, you’ll find a way to have it everywhere, including your own home.  How is this possible?  Just take a look at these home decor sets to see the endless possibilities for those who love all music from rock to classical to country.

Navy and Silver Record Living Room


Let’s begin with this comfy living room set with a blue velvet couch from West Elm.  Pop stars would agree that its elegant sleek appearance is perfect for their exuberant tastes.  Covered with shiny sleek pillows and glittery blankets also from West Elm, this living room set is perfect for a music superstar.  Besides providing pop star worthy designs, West Elm also focuses on providing connections between customers and local producers and manufacturers of their products.  Tables of reclaimed elm and other selvage able materials from Pottery Barn’s Eco-Shop are perfect additions with a candle from Global Goods Partners to help light up the room.  Of course, it’s important to not forget the record amplifier (which is compatible with guitars, iPhones, and some MP3 Players) from UncommonGoods.  Want to keep a song lyric handy for later?  Then put it in this silver elephant box from Indego Africa, an organization that employs over 600 women in Rwanda.  Keep the “edgy” factor in this living room with a traditionally woven wall hanging from Ock Pop Tok in Laos.

Pink and Ivory Dining Set

Pink and Ivory Dining Set by passportcouture


Hungry and ready to make your way to the dining room?  Then start your place setting with round mats that you might confuse for records, from Global Goods Partners, a non-profit social enterprise who makes sure 30% of its sales goes to artisan partners. Combined with these mats is a table runner from Ock Pop Tok, a company whose Village Weaver Projects trains women artisans in Laos about natural dyes and weaving techniques.  Napkins from Uchit and West Elm and a place mat from West Elm adds tones of blush to this earth tone set.  West Elm also gives gold silverware to a dining set from UncommonGoods, a company dedicated to handmade, recycled, and organic materials.  Ready to dig in?  No worries.  There are bowls out for serving warm rolls or fruit with baskets from Indego Africa.

Red and Gold Rockstar Bedroom


Now that you’re full, you might be ready to cuddle up in bed.  Once you get under the covers of this leopard print bedding from Pottery Barn, you’ll feel like a rock star.  Show your love of music with music tape printed pillows from UncommonGoods and red vinyl and black button covered pillows from Bishop Collective, a company who is committed to social responsibility and products made in the USA.  Decorating this room are studded drawers and a red lamp accent from West Elm to make you feel like a decorated pop star.  This room stays warm and inviting with candles from UncommonGoods and helps you count down the hours until the GRAMMYs begin.

Music, it seems, is more than a popular tune on the radio or something to distract you from your hard workout at the gym.  Music is a language everyone can enjoy and not just in their spare time, it can be an inspirational element of decor.  Whether you prefer Taylor Swift or Jay-Z or Esperanza Spalding, you can find your own way to express and enjoy music with some unique home accessories.  After all, what better way to express your love of this artistic element than with design featuring the instruments of music?

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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