Movie Stars Who Support Sustainability

Tonight, Hollywood is preparing the red carpet to honor numerous movie stars, innovative production designers, and creative filmmakers on their golden night. The Academy Awards have always been a part of my itinerary, and tonight is no exception. What makes me even more excited about this ceremony aren’t the authentic fashion designs, rather I’m even more honored to see movie stars who aren’t afraid to show their support for sustainability. You probably know many of these people already, but I found a few more I wasn’t even aware of. Rather than share a very long list that would take months to expand on, I’m sharing a few I admire who truly understand the importance of advocating for the environment. In no particular order, here they are:

Leonardo DiCaprio

If you watched the Oscars last year, you probably already know about Leonardo’s commitment to the environment. His films on global warming, The 11th Hour and Before the Flood, chronicle his travels around the world to places that are experiencing extreme weather patterns and changes. He’s also addressed the United Nations about climate change and is also on many boards for conservation including Global Green USA and the World Wildlife Fund. According to an article on CNBC he’s also decided to not use a private jet and drives his own Prius instead.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s He for She campaign started with the United Nations and has become recognized as a pivotal platform for gender equality. Emma’s commitment has continued throughout her work. She has been an advocate for fair trade and has promoted fair trade and ethical standards in fashion as a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador. In addition to assisting People Tree create collections of organic and fair trade clothing, Emma has also collaborated with Alberta Ferretti to establish an eco-friendly brand Pure Threads in 2011. She also believes in empowering artisans, a reason for her commitment to fair trade. Her social media always features sustainable fashion brands and designs for the red carpet that she can reuse or re-purpose into other future clothing options.

Rosario Dawson

I recently discovered this actress is also a social entrepreneur who founded Studio 189. Rosario’s company focuses on opportunities that empower and educate artisans as well as utilize eco-friendly practices. The designs for her business are made from traditional hand-dyeing techniques in Ghana, West Africa to promote and curate African content and inspiration. Rosario values the process of collaboration and cooperation, and there is much admiration for her vision that illustrates how much stronger we can be in communities if we work together.

Cate Blanchett

Together with husband Andrew Upton, Cate Blanchett is a co-artistic director for the Sydney Theatre Company. Both Cate and her husband are key advocates for Greening the Wharf. This project installed 1,900 solar panels in The Wharf Theatre at Sydney’s Walsh Bay that provide 70% of the theater’s electricity. This system will eventually become carbon neutral with a process for rainwater harvesting. The theatre company also worked towards reusing and recycling costumes and props. Greening The Wharf has installed many sustainable first steps for any major theatre company in the world. Through infrastructure projects, employee behavioral support and change, and engaging the community, Sydney Theatre Company has invested in many sustainability measures. A quote from Cate and Andrew illustrates their commitment: “Climate change is the most pressing challenge facing the human race today. One of the roles of art is to imagine the future. To do this effectively it must be both visionary and practical. We believe Greening The Wharf not only delivers enormous practical outcomes for Sydney Theatre Company but offers a vision of how we might all creatively embrace the challenge and opportunities that Climate Change presents.”

This selection of movie stars is only the beginning. There are many more including George Clooney, Edward Norton, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, and numerous celebrities who value the importance of sustainability. Although I don’t have time to go into more detail over other supporters, you might be thinking differently about celebrities as they walk down the red carpet tonight. Instead of seeing bright, vibrant carmine, you might be seeing a slight shade of emerald. Hopefully Hollywood won’t be the only place we see green.

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Cover Photo Image Credit: Pixabay; Celebrity Image Credit: Getty Images

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