May 2017 Affirmations

April has come and gone in a flash. Pushing my way through finals week, I feel as though I awoke and the month is gone. Although I did not get to write a lot of posts, I was inspired to see so many others committing to Fashion Revolution Day and asking about everything from #whomademyclothes to conscious consumerism. Scrolling through Instagram, one of my favorite posts revolved around Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Switching over to this month, I’m taking my focus on sustainability from fashion to another area of the industry. This one is much more complex, but I am eager to take it on and see how everything progresses. Where are my affirmations this month headed? Although I’m not much of a make-up enthusiast, I’m taking on the beauty world with this affirmation: I am a person who makes and purchases more eco-friendly beauty products and toiletries.

Researching the beauty product world, I’m finding it is very complex. From palm oil to vegan to cruelty-free, the beauty industry is not always straight-forward and it’s not always easy to determine which products are upholding their claims through practices. I’ll be sharing my discoveries as well as taking on making my own beauty supplies. I’m not certain how any of it will turn out, so stay tuned to see what I discover and works best!

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Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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