March 2017 Affirmations

March is known for being a month of green. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or the beginning of spring, March is no doubt a time for this color. As I’m incorporating more “green” choices for a more conscious lifestyle, I have so far reflected on relationships and sustainability in my home. This past month I had a great deal of fun finding recipes and mixtures to make my own cleaning supplies and I was delighted to find many of the ingredients weren’t complicated to find. Memories of one of my favorite high school classes, A.P. Chemistry, came back to me as I researched mixes and combinations.

What’s in store for this month? Recently it appears that choosing green hasn’t been for the environment, it’s been for the dollar bill. At times I’ve lost faith in the direction the world is going, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. Instead, I’m adding an affirmation to my previous ones to foster hope. For March, my affirmation is: I am a person who supports and advocates for causes that value sustainability, gender equality, and the arts.

With a great deal of uncertainty in the air over politics around the world, the atmosphere is one of fear and resentment. Many programs and movements I value are being threatened, and right now is the perfect time to show my support. From my previous blog posts, you’ve already seen how much I value these causes, and this month I’ll inspire you to advocate for these issues too. I hope you’ll see that advocacy is more than donating to specific organizations or protesting for them. Steps like these are a starting point, but there is even more that can be done.

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