Low-Sugar Desserts

Taking time off to enjoy the weekends is easy, what’s not easy is avoiding sugar on a Saturday night for a late night treat. The weekends are definitely a time where I want to indulge. I have finished my daily workout routine for the week and it’s time to celebrate. And, what better way to celebrate than savoring some sugar? During this month I worked hard on finding alternative recipes for sugary sweets, and my endeavors didn’t stop at desserts. Giving up sugar was hard and finding low-sugar desserts was even harder, but luckily I was able to find a few you might consider if you need to cut back on your sugar intake.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

How can avocado taste sweet like pudding? When you use this recipe from Babble that features unsweetened cocoa and coconut water, anything is possible. And, what’s even better is that avocado is a fruit with zero grams of sugar. If you don’t believe me, give it taste. Only a few simple ingredients are required to make this delicious dessert! (Babble Recipe)

Almond Butter Fudge

Today's baking experiment: Low-Sugar Almond Butter Fudge. Yum! #lowsugar #lowsugarlifestyle #almondbutter #devourpower

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Normally, I love fudge and can’t get enough of its sweet chocolatey taste during Christmas. I wasn’t sure I’d love this Almond Butter Fudge recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie, but to my surprise, it satisfied my cravings for sweets. It was another combination of easy steps and simple ingredients! (Chocolate Covered Katie Recipe)

Sugar-Free Chocolate Oat Cookies

A chocolate recipe that’s also sugar-free? Sounds too good to be true! I decided to replace honey with agave nectar in this recipe from 12 Tomatoes, and I wasn’t disappointed. The best part is I could put these cookies in the freezer, which was better than having to bake cookies in the heat. (12 Tomatoes Recipe)

These recipes are only the beginning of low-sugar and sugar-free options. After these great results, I’m inspired to try more! It’s great to know that you can still enjoy sweets without the sugar.

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What low-sugar or sugar-free desserts do you enjoy?

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