In just a few whirlwind days, my time with Run by Rural comes to a close, and I’m on my way to a flight to greet my family in Lima.  My last memory of Lima is exiting the airport from the International Arrivals and sweating in the hot muggy climate while dragging my suitcase to the Domestic Terminal as taxi drivers surround me ask if I need transportation.  I wasn’t really pleased with the circumstances, which is why I’m curious to explore what exists beyond the Jorge Chavez International Airport.  Although appearing to be the same as any other international city, Lima bursts with culinary delight among undertones of history.  My family and I follow our tour to the edge of shoreline in Miraflores to the city’s Plaza de Armas and we uncover more than delicious sandwiches of La Lucha Sanguacheria as the struggle for South America’s independence becomes more apparent in the city of Lima.

Plaza de Armas in LimaOur tour begins with a visit to Parque del Amor, set on the edge of Miraflores.  In the center lies Victor Delfin’s statue “The Kiss,” a large red-orange sculpture of two lovers passionately embracing–I’m certain it’s the perfect Lima makeout place during sunset.  Our next stop takes us to the core of Lima’s fight for independence, a revolution begun after America’s “Shot Heard Round the World” shook the earth and spread the desire for self-governance.  In the Plaza de Armas among the Palacio del Gobierno and Catedral de Lima my dad retells the story of San Martin and Bolivar’s campaign through South America and Latin America to liberate the continent from Spanish rule.  This is only the beginning of resentment towards the Spanish conquistadors, since paintings throughout Cusco depict Spaniards as cruel and manipulative.

Monasterio in LimaThe final stop of our tour brings us to Monasterio de San Francisco where we climb through catacombs underneath the floors of the monastery.  A claustrophobic’s nightmare, the catacombs create more apprehension as piles and intricate arrangements of bones and skulls line the pathway.  As we’re told of procedures for processions to exit the home and carry the body to the church, we can’t help but think of exiting my Gung Gung’s home to arrive at his funeral with my uncle, the only son, and his family leading our procession.  Hearing Mass proceed, I become just as curious about the spectacle above us as I am with the bones among us.  My mom, the knowledgeable nurse, carefully identifies each curve of the bones knowing its correct name and how it harmoniously fits within the other body’s organs.  Harmony exists beyond the backbone of the remains left here, however, it exists within the fusion of Catholicism and ancient Incan beliefs.  Rather than abandon their beliefs for devout Spanish Catholicism, the mestizas and mestizos of mixed indigenous Incan and Spanish decent blended their religions as they did their backgrounds.  Lima is only the beginning of this intricate relationship of Incan and Spanish.

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  1. seizetheday20

    Such beautiful architecture and sculptures in Lima!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I was pleasantly surprised by all of Lima’s beauty! I’m so glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. MummyTravels

    I’d heard a lot about Lisa’s reputation as a great destination for foodies but great to get a taste of the history and culture too. Peru is very firmly on my bucket list. #citytripping

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Peru is great for all of the reasons you’ve mentioned. I’m glad to hear it’s on your bucket list and I look forward to reading about it when you can visit!

  3. beatravelling

    That square is so beautiful! Best part of old Lima. #citytripping

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Yes, there is something very captivating about their Plaza de Armas. It really captures the history and culture of Lima. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. WanderMum

    Fascinating to see a bit of Lima and interesting that you mention its culinary delight. We recently went to the Lima restaurant in London – it was delicious so I can only imagine what it was like in the actual city! Really want to go to Peru. Thanks for linking #citytripping

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I hope you can make it to Peru soon. I enjoyed the cities like Lima and rural areas like Cusco, and the place I interned, Piura.

  5. California Globetrotter

    Would love to check out Lima one day! It definitely looks interesting! #Wkendtravelinspiration

  6. Jim ~ ReflectionsEnroute

    Lima is such an interesting city, once you get out of the airport! We must have transited through their 8 times on our visit to South America a few years ago. Great article! Thanks for linking up with #wkendtravelinspiration, see you next week!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I agree. The Lima airport is kinda crazy. I loved discovering the history and fun activities like you did! Thanks for visiting!

  7. malaysianmeanders

    I really like your description and thought about the Monasterio de San Francisco and how they meshed religions. #WkendTravelInspiration

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy digging deep into a place and learning it’s history and finding something unexpected.

  8. Kana

    Oh my goodness, I bet the Monasterio de San Francisco was gorgeous! I would be without words! Thanks for joining #FlyAwayFriday, hope to see you again this week! xo

  9. Chloe Hahn

    such a great article!! I’d love to go to Lima, it looks so rich in culture and beautiful!! Great post!

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