Let’s Go Royals!

Unfortunately for my family and my dad, the ultimate Los Angeles Dodgers fan, our team didn’t make it to the World Series this year.  However, I’m always eager to fulfill the family tradition of rooting for the underdog.  The question is, who is that this year?  What makes this World Series even more exciting to me is that both Wild Card teams are now National and American League Champions.  While some predict that Home Field Advantage will be in the favor of the Kansas City Royals, I can’t help but feel drawn to a team who hasn’t won a World Series since 1985, while the San Francisco Giants have won in 2012 and 2010.  I also can’t help enjoying the momentum of my co-workers backstage and on Facebook who support the mid-west team and I’ve found a way to help strengthen my team spirit with these eco-friendly and sustainable style inspirations:

Kansas City Royals for Work


Our first outfit begins with a Dooney & Burke inspired purse with a special taste for the Kansas City Royals.  To add a little sophisticated flair, I discovered a pencil skirt from Eileen Fisher and Faire Jour, both companies known for environmentally friendly clothing.  Both luxury ethical  jewelry companies Fifi Bijoux and Cred Jewellry, a company that works with a mining community in Peru, help add elegance with silver jewelry and a hint of jewels.  To finish the look, I’ve feature a pair of ballet flats from Beyond Skin, a U.K. vegan shoe company.  This outfit is perfect for a switch from the workday to a night out with friends or a dinner date!

Casual Kansas City Royals Outfit


The second look takes a traditional baseball t-shirt (which I chose for it’s vintage font and style) and turns it into a stylish, everyday outfit.  Paired with a jacket from Fair Trade U.K. based company, People Tree, Jeans from Eileen Fisher, and boots from Beyond Skin, this Kansas City Royals long-sleeve tee is now a stylish outfit for casual Fridays at work or a casual weekend outfit.  With a little extra help from Fair Trade jewelry from Faire Collection and Same Sky, a company who assists women artisans in Rwanda, this outfit is sure to get some attention and support the Royals, especially when they’re playing a game away from home.

Summertime Kansas City Royals


Our last set may seem misplaced with fall surrounding us and summer in the distant past.  However, I find team spirit is year-round, which is why I’ve created a look from a Kansas City Royals tank top.  With more trendy jewelry from Faire Collection. a hat of woven raffia from Madagascar artisans of Mar Y Sol, and sunglasses from Hearts.com, this tank top will be a perfect choice to reminisce the summertime baseball season.  Completing the look are leather heels from Wabi Sabi, an eco-fashion brand with a kickstarter campaign, and loose fitting summertime pants from Jujube Ecological Apparel Design.  Once you wear this outfit, you’ll be anticipating the baseball season to start once it’s over after the 2014 World Series.

For now, I’ll have to wait for summer’s return an anticipate a season of Dodger victories and hope for the 2015 World Series to be the year to cure my dad’s baseball fever.  Until then, I’ll be cheering on the underdogs!  Let’s go Royals!

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