June 2017 Affirmations

June is a time most people welcome for the warm weather, upcoming adventures, and time away with family. I’m equally excited for this time of year, even if it means I have to start summer school and have difficult classes ahead of me. Looking back at last month’s affirmations, however, I know that taking on challenges isn’t impossible. Finding or making beauty products that were eco-friendly was no easy task. Products that are palm oil free and cruelty-free were not all affordable for me right now and trying to find recipes that were completely vegan or vegetarian had ingredients that were not always within my price range. Still, I’m happy with the discoveries I have made and will continue to find more products and ingredients. As I’m finding, beauty products are just as complicated as fashion or any aspect of sustainable living. The answer lies more in striving to make more sustainable choices throughout life, not finding the perfect pathway to sustainability.

That’s why this month my affirmation is working towards a healthier lifestyle regarding what I eat. Although I strive to eat healthily, I have one setback. What is my weakness? My sweet tooth is what inspires this month’s affirmation: I am a person who reduces their sugar intake.

This one will no doubt be a struggle for me not only because the beginning of the month marks my birthday but also because my way of managing stress revolves around chocolate. I don’t plan on restricting myself completely but only allowing a small sugar treat once a week. I’ll also be exploring whether or not substitutes are better and sugar-free treats for summer hiking and travel adventures.

Cover Image Photo Credit: Pixabay

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