July 2017 Affirmations

Taking on last month’s affirmations proved to be much harder than I anticipated. Avoiding foods that have sugar and those with added sugars proved to be more complicated than I realized. In the end, I also found that avoiding sugar didn’t mean I couldn’t avoid other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, I found it better to continue cutting out candy, sweets, and diet sodas as much as I can, but also remember to have a healthy balance. Living a more sustainable life also means allowing yourself to enjoy some pleasures every once in a while. There were two times this month I went out to eat, and instead of being upset with myself, I decided to commit to not eating out the rest of the month. Finding this balance with myself made it much easier to take on this affirmation.

So, now that I’m continuing to find ways to reduce my sugar intake, what do I have in store for this month? July marks the beginning of a very important event that leads me to this affirmation: I am a person who participates in Plastic-Free July.

Cutting back on plastic use and reducing plastic waste sounds simple, but as I found in previous years, it is much more complicated than it sounds. Finding ways to cut back on the plastic we use can be very difficult, which is why I plan on looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic I use and waste on a daily basis. Throughout this month, I’ll be sharing my successes and setbacks so you can see how to join me on my journey.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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