It’s Christmastime in D-Town Again

When people think of fashion or artistic inspiration, Denver is hardly a place that comes to mind.  Most would have visions of Paris, New York or Milan dance in their heads, but I find that inspiration can be found just about anywhere.  As I scour the nighttime streets of Denver, I discover the avenues brightened with festive holiday lights and holly wreaths in the most unexpected places.



My adventure begins around the Clocktower lit with vibrant red, green, and gold.  Trees nearby are covered with twinkling Christmas lights of multiple colors that capture a sense of enthusiasm and wonder.  As I head towards Larimer Square, lights continue to twinkle with red bows and Christmas wreaths adorning the window shops and restaurants.  The hallway to the Green Russell is painted with a western mural and a holds a jewelry display of gems and pearls.  It seems that downtown Denver flourishes with a decorative feast for the eyes this holiday season.  I seek to discover any hidden corner or alley for any details I might have missed.

David Choe's Graffiti Street Art

Before I head into work, I stop to examine a wall of graffiti street art nearby on Champa and 13th.  Many times I’ve driven past this painted street art, and felt the desire for a closer look.  David Choe’s work of art is an incredible feast for the eyes that never fails to amuse or maintain its playful personality.  More importantly, this form of expression has remained on the building and continues to entertain patrons.  While I admire the Sesame Street characters and representations of various characters from Choe’s TV show, my favorite is the quirky and colorful characters who come apart like Russian Matryoshka dolls.  I admire how each figure has its own personality with either multiple eyes, a transparent head showing a skeleton, or a brightly printed jacket and various hair buns pinned to their head.  For me, this piece reminds me how we can all have personality traits in us that some people may be shocked to see, but we are all capable of having.  Throughout my working days, this graffiti street art doesn’t stop having meaning for me and it never gets repetitive.  It continues to remind me to have that sense of freedom and lively spirit.  Too many times we edit ourselves and think of strictly adhering to a routine and forget how to just exist.

To read more about the David Choe’s Graffiti Street Art, read Westword’s Blog.

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  1. seizetheday20

    Every place has its own unique way of doing Christmas, and it seems that Denver is no exception. That street art piece looks intriguing.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I love the street art in Denver. I actually used to work next to that particular artwork and miss seeing it on my way to work.

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