I Made This Summer Fashion

It’s the end of August and another school year has begun! Before I started my semester of Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Videography, I decided to take time in August to get some sewing projects done. My hard work has paid off, and now I have only two sewing projects to complete. I’m looking forward to finishing up my craft projects, but before that happens, I wanted to share some of my new fashion items to celebrate this month’s affirmations. I’m excited to include these pieces in my wardrobe and share them with my readers. It seems my favorite pair of sunglasses is missing (although I think they’re on my professor’s desk). For now, enjoy my red and white polka dot cat eye sunglasses that add some variety!

Blue and Teal Kimono

Jade Green Skirt

Champagne Dress

Orange Print Dress

Are you inspired by my projects? Ready to take on sewing and make some of your own items? Consult some of my blogs on stitching terms, how to repair your clothes, and ideas for upcycling clothes to see how you can get started!

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