Home Sweet Home

Just about everyone will tell you that Christmas is their favorite holiday, everyone but me.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and it’s often overlooked as stores stock their shelves with red, green, white, and gold before Halloween has even happened.  Snow, Christmas dinner, and the feeling of love and goodwill are in abundance, but so are crowded shopping malls and stores during Black Friday as shoppers anxiously search for the best deals.  Thanksgiving is a time for abundance as well, but is usually seen only as an opportunity to overeat and drink lots of wine.  Family stress sometimes makes it hard to see this holiday as a time of compromise, peace, and giving to one another, but it’s the time that the holiday spirit begins.  It’s a time to begin the gift of giving back and thinking of others, and with these home decor styles from Sustainable Fashion companies, you can feel that spirit throughout the year:

Table Setting

Table Setting by passportcouture

My first set begins with a table setting from companies who assist artisans worldwide.  What better way to start Thanksgiving than with food?  You can artfully place your warm rolls in bowls from Indego Africa, a non-profit company who works with 18 different artisan groups and employs and provides education programs for over 600 women in Rwanda.  Need extra containers for food or decor?  Look no further than this tray from Noonday Collection, a company that assists artisans from around the world including Guatemala, India, and Ethiopia.  To help decorate this table a place setting from Mata Traders, an organization that uses traditional craft methods such as embroidery and block-printing to create its products, adds some decorative prints.  Tying the set together are napkins and a tablecloth woven in India by artisans from Uchit who ensures that at least 50% of its profits go towards programs that educate and empower women artisans.

Blue and Grey Bedroom

Blue and Grey Bedroom by passportcouture

Looking somewhere to rest your head once you’ve been thoroughly stuffed?  Look no further than these pillows from Bishop Collective made from recycled and organic materials.  Add a little blue to the grey and tan mix with a blue woven pillow from Laos artisans from Ock Pop Tok.  Cuddle up in this blanket from Faire Jour whose products are ethically produced in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  A stuffed giraffe and elephant from Indego Africa are always a nice addition to snuggle with and keep a nightlight nearby from UnCommon Goods, a company committed to handmade goods, environmental responsibility, and support of non-profit organizations.

A Living Room from Around the World

A Living Room from Around the World by passportcouture

Preparing to head out on a vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday?  If you aren’t, then consider some world travel-inspired decor for your living room.  Start with a calendar of food from around the world from UnCommon Goods, whose pillows and book ends also cleverly fit into this set.  Their cork globe is yet another great wanderlust inspiration that allows you to add pins to places you’ve traveled.  Will your globe be full soon?  A beautiful wedding blanket from Ock Pop Tok adds some decor to that plain and empty living room wall, while coasters from Indego Africa offer a place for your Thanksgiving guests to put their wine glasses.

Turkey day is right around the corner and I’m anxiously waiting for its arrival!  Having found these great companies and their mission to help and empower artisans around the world is the meaning of Thanksgiving itself.  It’s a time for coming together, putting differences aside, and giving thanks–any family can agree to that.


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