Golden Globes at Home

If you’re a movie fan like me, you’re anxiously awaiting Sunday.  Maybe the glittering gowns and polished suits on the red carpet or the Golden Globes’ hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have you ready to watch.  Maybe you are eager to see your favorite stars win that special award and be well on their way to Oscar gold.  Whatever your reason may be for watching the Golden Globes, I’ve found a great way to celebrate on Passport Couture.  Follow me as I take you through my home decor for film enthusiasts, celebrity seekers, and gold lovers!

Camera Fanatic Living Room



Where will you most likely be for the Golden Globes?  If you’re like me, chances are you’ll want to be sitting on your living room couch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience this awards show without a little film appreciation.  With these camera bookends from UncommonGoods, you might feel like a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi, but take comfort in thinking of them as an homage to cameras long gone.  Combine it with some vintage-esque furniture of a couch, shelf, rug, and coffee table from West Elm, a company who has committed to paying $35 million to artisans worldwide for their traditional handicrafts.  Looking to add some decor to this set?  Add some color to your living room with pillows from Ock Pop Tok, an organization whose programs Village Weavers Project and Fibre2Fabric empower artisans in Laos as well as preserve their traditional textiles.  Stay warm with a blanket from West Elm and create an ambiance with candles from Pottery Barn’s Eco Shop.

Bedroom for the Movies



If you want to stay cuddled up in your bedroom blankets, then this next set is perfect to suit your needs.  With a Smartphone Projector from UncommonGoods, you’ll be able to view the Golden Globes and feel like you’re in an old-fashioned movie theater.  You’ll appreciate this projector even more after learning about UncommonGoods’ commitment to the environment as well as their donation to a non-profit of your choice with each purchase.  This bedding set from West Elm will keep you cozy as well as their 100% Organic Cotton Percale sheets.  Add some vintage furnishing from Pottery Barn’s Eco Shop who uses Organic Cotton, Recycled materials, and Reclaimed Wood to make their products.  Also take on a new meaning of “Golden Globe” with Pottery Barn‘s circular golden lamp with Moroccan designs.  Need more light?  Then take a look at this nightlight from UncommonGoods so you don’t lose your way in the dark when the awards are over and the lights are out.

Outdoor Gold and Silver



Although outdoors isn’t an option for viewing the Golden Globes, it can always be an inspiration for after the ceremony.  For a little bit of Hollywood glamor, take these globes of gold from Pottery Barn for displays or string them with lights for some sparkling decor.  Add some more gold with a textured golden table also from Pottery Barn and accent a wooden bench from UncommonGoods with gold, silver, and white embroidered and beaded pillows from West Elm.  Add some vases from Bishop Collective, a company who makes and designs products in the U.S.A.,  to create a sophisticated and elegant feel with the fabulous shine of silver and gold.

As you can see, you can bring inspiration from an awards show like the Golden Globes directly to your home.  Although you may not be a performer, a comedienne host, or a certified film auteur, you can still enjoy the feel of movies from long ago.  Vintage and gold never goes out of style, and neither does our love for the movies and our escape to adventure into a new world.  As an employee in the business of story-telling and an advocate for artisans in sustainable fashion, I know there’s nothing quite like sharing the voices and stories of those from around the world.

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