Glitter It Yourself

As an artist you’re constantly re-inventing and finding ways to not only express yourself but also find a way to make a living off that self-expression.  Just about everyone I know or work with has these pursuits that range from selling paintings, crocheted animals and creatures, and ornate wire jewelry.  I can’t say I haven’t tried a hand at finding a niche with a short-lived enterprise into baby items that has somehow developed into aprons and knotted jewelry; my plan to attempt knitting tiny items like hot dogs, Christmas trees, and gnomes (also known as mochimochi) is still in the making (stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it).  Like most artists and crafters, I have many half-finished projects; an abundance of I’ve always wanted to do this and will at some point, and countless plans for Halloween costumes.  So, it’s no surprise that I’ve pulled out a pair of shoes in my suitcase, dusted them, and plan to give them a new life with a good coat of glitter.

Glitter Heels

My decision to partake in this has been encouraged by my current roommate and entrepreneur Megan, whose business Disco Toes decorates and embellishes shoes with rhinestones and glitter.  Having seen stores with numerous bedazzled pumps and platform heels, it may not sound like a huge feat, but one look at Megan’s shoes will make you think otherwise.  Armed with polished crystals, fine and shimmering glitter, and a top-secret glue, Megan’s artistic hand brings a whole new character and personality to a seemingly lifeless pair of wedge heels.  Her latest endeavor is G.I.Y., Glitter It Yourself parties where a group of friends add glitter to their own shoes.  My choice of shoes is a pair of zebra-print heels with burgundy ruffles; cute and sassy in need of a touch-up.

Glitter It Yourself Party

After much errand running and preparation, the house is decked with bright colors, paper flowers, and delicious treats, including cake balls with shots of various flavored schnapps.  The house is full of conversational buzz that slightly trickles off as we settle into our projects.  The table has a small setting of shoes, but it is filled with so many unique styles of shoes from flats to wedges to sandals.  Megan gives us great advice, she particularly suggests I try using more than black to bring interest so the glitter won’t disappear into the zebra stripes.  With a glue-covered paintbrush coating my shoe, I begin to realize I made the correct choice in following her advice.  The glitter sparkles with black, silver, copper, and a hint of red, and around the table there’s pink, turquoise, and orange glistening.

While enjoying a quick bite of a bacon-wrapped date stuffed with goat cheese, I take a moment to look around.  It’s always exciting to see what everyone else has, because then you begin to think, “Oooo. . . I want that too.”  This, of course, brings up the dilemma that you’ll want to glitter more.  Just like the books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the same holds true for glitter.  The glitter-covered porch slightly glimmering in the morning proves that if you give a girl a paintbrush and a bottle of glitter, you never know what will happen next . . . and if you want to see what can happen, just give Disco Toes a call . . . .

Glitter Heels


  1. Fabulous Me

    These are so cool! I want a glitter party, except I’d probably put glitter on if I could.

    • Fabulous Me

      That is I’d put it on everything if I could.

  2. Babbling Brookie

    I know you would Ming. LOL I can see you right now feverishly glittering everything in your apartment. 🙂

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