Flavors of Colorado

Most of the major and large events in Colorado pass by me relatively unnoticed.  Most of my co-workers and I complain about the possible traffic, anticipating major roads to be closed off that get us to work.  However, I’ve begun to take a different route and decide to check out A Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park.  I’m determined to discover some new flavors and restaurants in Denver as well as see what local craft treasures I can uncover.  My friends Caitlin and Nicole join me, eager to experience what this huge festival covering the park and Capitol Building is all about. 

Bento BoxCaitlin, Nicole, and I are ready with cash in hand to buy 15 tickets for $10 (Note: If you go, I recommend buying more tickets whether you want a full meal or various samples).  Caitlin delves into a Kangaroo Burger and Sweet Potato Fries at Barbed Wire Reef while Nicole chooses a Gyro Sandwich and Coors Light.  I opt for a Bento Box from Kokoro with an assortment of Rice, Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura Sushi, and Edamame.  We, of course, cannot skip out on dessert.  Caitlin and Nicole enjoy a waffle cone with two scoops of ice cream and determine our walk around the craft areas will burn the calories they’ve just consumed.  I pick a sample Strawberry Lemonade cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes and after our journey through the craft fair pick up Baklava in order to use up my remaining five tickets.

StreetThe streets are crowded and hot under the sun and we find every tent or patch of shade we can hide under.  A cool breeze finds us and relieves our heat every so often as we wander among the booths with crafts from local organizations and companies featuring countries everywhere from Australia to Africa.  Aboriginal Bling Blam, the winner of “Fine Art” in 2013 Best of Taste Marketplace Awards, features jewelry of unique stones set and wrapped in wire.  Madagascar Hat Company features raffia hats and is also a member of the Fair Trade Federation.  Caitlin is happy to find a birthday present for her mom, a special made sign with images of her family pets a Corgi, Mini Australian Shepherd, and Pug with the words “Guard Dogs Crossing” placed across the top.  After she’s received her gift, we’re ready to head out, stomachs full and tastebuds satisfied.  Perhaps soon we’ll be able to find more places in Denver to help us taste more of the world.


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