Father’s Day Around the World

When you think of Dad, a few things probably come to mind: sports, outdoors and maybe a science fiction or action flick.  In terms of my dad, I always think of baseball, fishing and watching old classic Hitchcock films, western movies or Twilight Zone episodes.  Everyone has a different take on the iconic man in their life who taught them to never throw in the towel, get up again when you are hurt and gave them great advice (even when they didn’t want to hear it).  As it turns out, Fathers are celebrated throughout the world in many different ways.  To see how others recognize their Dads, take a look at a few events from around the world.


In this Asian country, Father’s Day is observed on December 5th, the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyade.  Everyone wears yellow, the official color of Monday (the day of the week the King was born) and children often give their fathers the Canna flower, a plant considered to have masculine qualities.  Prior to this day, all roads, houses and shops are decorated with displays and photographs of the King and the national flag. Guest books are also placed on the entrance of every shop for the people to share their respect for the King.  In addition to these observations, the King goes to the temple to show respect for the monks, an event that is televised so people can see the King honoring his religion and being blessed for a long and healthy life.


Instead of recognizing Fathers in June, Germany observes Vatertag or Mannertag (“Man’s Day”) on the 40th day of Easter, Ascension Day.  Originally this holiday was a religious procession from the Middle Ages.  Today it’s observed with a men’s only hike with wagons filled with regional food, beer and wine.  It seems physical activity and health are just as important as celebrating with Dad in this European country.


This South American country observes Father’s Day (known as Dia dos Pais) on the second week of August in honor of St. Joachim, Mary’s father.  Traditional practices revolve around food, and lots of it.  Families often host large barbeques at home or eat out at a churrascaria (a Brazilian steakhouse).  Meat sounds like a great way to show Dad you love him.


More commonly known as “El dia del padre,” Father’s Day is celebrated March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day, in Spain.  Set aside as a day to recognize the life of the patron saint of carpenters, this holiday is seen as a day to honor Dads for their contributions to the family and society. Some parts of Spain have celebrations called “Las Fallas,” while young children make crafts and gifts out of respect for their fathers.  Homemade food is also an important part of this day as children strive to cook their dad’s favorite meal.  Adults also show support by donating money to organizations and charities in the name of their fathers who have passed away.

It’s clear Dads play an important part of our world, and we aren’t afraid to show them how much we love and respect them.  Whether you honor your dad on December 5th, March 19th or this weekend, Dad always has a special day in recognition of his contributions to the family and the world.  Are you able to visit Dad today?  No matter the distance, it’s always good to know Dad will be there for you, no matter what.


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What other Father’s Day traditions do you know of?  How do you celebrate your dad?

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  1. Carol

    Interesting to hear how others celebrate fathers. I lost mine to cancer when I was 14, but he is in my heart all the time. Happy Father’s Day!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      So sorry to hear of your loss. We always carry those who have passed away in our hearts and they will always be with us. 🙂

  2. Grey World Nomads

    I didn’t know that Father’s Day gets celebrated so differently all over the world! Most probably they will try to unify it like Halloween for commercial reasons. Anyway, good to have more reasons to celebrate 😉

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I agree with you about the celebration. I was intrigued to find so many traditional practices that honor Fathers!

  3. acraftymix

    So fascinating to discover all the different traditions around the world. Thank you for sharing, I love learning new things.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      My pleasure! I love sharing these ideas because I get to learn so much too!

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