Ethical Fashion: Star Wars Style

High school is often seen as a time for prom, football games, and SATs, but that’s not what I often recall. My time in high school revolved around spending time with my friends: Wookies, Droids, and Jedis. Even if they weren’t real, they always gave me a sense of community and belonging. My love of Star Wars has extended beyond my teenage years, and I find multiple opportunities to enjoy this science fiction world whether I’m in Seattle or reflecting on how I travel. Searching through the infinite galaxy of the internet, I’m thrilled to find my new admiration for sustainable fashion shares the same sense of enthusiasm I have for this galactic film. From an upcoming shoe design launch to luxury fashion, Star Wars can be found throughout ethical fashion. If you believe in the Force as I do, follow me to a galaxy not so far away to discover how eco-fashion has merged with my favorite high school pastime.

Chewbacca Jacket

Image Credit: Ecouterre

If you want to howl like a Wookie but not harm an animal, you’ll enjoy this coat from Marc Ecko. Even though it’s no longer being made, it’s still amusing to find a coat that fuels the inner Star Wars geek and modern fashionista.

Olsenhaus Star Wars heels

Image Credit: Ecouterre

If shoes are what you’re looking for, you can start with these Star Wars print heels from Olsenhaus, a company who uses vegan-friendly materials. I admire her statement on Ecouterre regarding her commitment to ethical fashion as a “higher state of consciousness.” I’ll be dreaming of these heels in a science fiction world hoping they’ll make a comeback.

Po-Zu Shoes BB-8

Image Credit: Po-Zu

Not a fan of heels? Not a problem. Po-Zu’s upcoming collection features sneakers and boots designed with your favorite heroes and villains in mind. Today for May the Fourth you can start placing orders. I’m not graduating for another year, but since my university’s colors include red, I’m tempted by the Rebel/Resistance-inspired set. It’s not too early to plan for graduation, right?

KITX Star Wars Inspired Fashion

Image Credit: Fashionotes

Is high-end fashion what gets your imagination going? Then you’ll enjoy this collection of futuristic and sustainable designs from KITX (kindness integrity transparency future). Inspired by Jedi clothing, the gowns illustrate the kimono and military style of the protectors of the galaxy. If you want to know more about designer Kit Willow and her commitment to sustainability, find more at Fashionotes.

After finding these Star Wars-inspired gems, I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who dreams of the future and prospects for hope and improvement. I admire companies who see the importance of respecting the environment also inspire my inner science fiction nerd. I’m excited there are others who share the same admiration I have for this galaxy, no matter how far away it is. Perhaps mainstream ethical fashion will not be so far away in our future.

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  1. Brooke I too have been a lifelong fan of Star Wars. In fact I can remember I wanted to go see it in the movie theater when it first came out and it was sold out. Of course nowadays we don;t have these problems with all the digital media. I am of course getting away from the topic which is clothes. I love those shoes, they have an eighties vibe to them. And of course who wouldn’t want to dress up as one of the characters. The costumes are actually quite cool and could even be worn as regular ware in some parts of the world.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I like the shoes for the same reason you’ve mentioned. I’m also glad to find another Star Wars fan. 🙂 I still love to wait to go to the theater to see the movie. There is something about a movie theater that streaming or watching on DVD can’t provide.

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