Editorial and Advertising Policy


As the administrator and writer of Passport Couture, I, Brooke Vlasich, have complete editorial control over the content that is produced and appears on Passport Couture, even in the event I work with other partners.

My main goal with Passport Couture is to write honestly and openly about my experiences. I strive to share unique ideas and opportunities as well as the work of artists, artisans, and other craftspeople I encounter while traveling and work with including theatre, fashion, and similar organizations. With my posts I want to illustrate the skills of artists and support organizations including social enterprises and ethical fashion companies that value the quality of their work.

An additional goal I focus on is using this platform to create interest in my writing and my crafting skills and knowledge. By sharing my sewing and craft techniques, I am committed to making the world more sustainable and encouraging others to support and value sustainability and original craftsmanship. As a writer, my goals on Passport Couture are to reach out to more potential readers and develop my career in freelance writing.

In the event that an advertiser or brand wants to collaborate with me, I will only work with organizations I believe in, I use myself, or I think might be of interest to my readers. Currently I do not receive compensation for reviews or featuring companies in my style inspirations or posts. However, companies seeking potential sponsorships or reviews should be aware that I will give my honest opinion and experiences. A free product or sample does not guarantee a review and I will not publish negative reviews. I also do not share random hashtags on Social Media for compensation, it’s not my style or approach to reaching out to readers.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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