Christmas D.I.Y.: Scarves Up!

Need more inspiration for a D.I.Y. project that will keep you warm beyond blankets?  This next project requires some machine sewing, but no worries, it’s not complicated.  As the air grows chilly and the snow begins to fall, a scarf is the perfect fit for a Christmas gift that will be needed throughout the year.  Scarves can make just about any outfit fashionable, as Caroline Herrera says, “Money doesn’t buy elegance.  You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag and it will always be elegant.”  In just a few steps, I’ll show you how to make a simple scarf with frayed edges into a fashionable D.I.Y. present.


1/2 yard of 55″-60″ wide wool cut up into various widths (depending on how wide you want your scarf)

Thread that matches your wool

Seam ripper

Rolled Hem (L)

Step One:

Roll the lengthwise edges of your scarf under and over and press the edges neatly to make a nice rolled hem.  Use pins to hold in place.

Measuring Edges (L)Step Two:

Measure from the bottom how long you want your frayed edges to be.  I usually opt for 3″-4″.  Remember, this is the amount that you will fray to make a fringe at the bottom.  Draw a line across the width of your scarf to use as a marker for where the fraying should stop.  Where this line is drawn is also where your pins and hemming should stop.  Frixion: Pilot Pens work great for marking since you can draw the line and it will disappear with steam.  Test a small piece of your fabric first if you like.

Fraying (L)

Step Three:

Top-stitch the rolled hem until you reach last pin and stop there.  Leave the rest of the hem free.  Use a seam ripper to pull out the horizontal threads woven across the fabric.  Continue to pull out threads until it reaches the stitching line you drew.  After this you can leave the frayed edges on their own, or you can tie small overhand knots to finish them off.  Done!

Finished Infinity (L)

Feeling the frayed edges scarf is a little too predictable and overused?  Then try your hand at an infinity scarf in these next few steps.

Seaming Together

Step One:

Fold the fabric in half and sew to create a tube, or if you have small, narrow scraps, sew them together lengthwise to add width but still create a tube.  Flip the tube right side out.

Seam Opening (L)

Step Two:

Pin the top and bottom edges of tube together as much as possible with right sides together and sew on wrong sides.

Hand Stitching (L)

Step Three:

Flip the edge that you’ve sewn right side out and hand-stitch closed what’s left of the opening.

Once you’ve started either scarf, practice only leads to mass production and you’ll be ready with presents for the stylish fashionista (who might also happen to be you) in no time!  This particular set of scarves and a knitted one will be donated to a local food bank in Denver for holiday food baskets.  Nothing warms me more than knowing the gifts I’ve crafted with my hands will find their way into the hands of those in need in the cold holiday weather.

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