She Sells Seashells

If there’s one thing I’ve always enjoyed since I was a little kid, it’s going to the beach. It’s not just the water, the sunshine, putting on a cute bathing suit, or occasionally spotting a hot surfer that interests me, but rather looking into the vast unknown and taking it on. No matter how close I get to the waves, I’m still intrigued to go further. The ocean seems to like me just as much. Whether I’m minding my own business gathering shells on the beach or wandering along the shores of Mexico in “Life’s a Beach,” the waves always seem to catch me. This has been a complication ever since I was little and would get soaked, causing my parents to frantically grab towels in the car to dry me off. Despite my misfortune, I was always eager to have the adventure, and a few treasures to take home with me. From San Diego to Peru to Mexico, I have been collecting shells and turned them into my latest jewelry project with wire wrapping. Continue Reading ›

Our Incredible Planet

“The earth is what we all have in common.”
-Wendell Berry

I’ve traveled many places and seen many cultures around the world, and the one thing that always inspires and at times perplexes me is how we are all connected by the earth we live on.  Growing up in the southwestern United States, I was used to open spaces with a unique mix of orange desert sand and hillsides of mountains covered with pine trees.  I was always eager to venture to the city and feel its bustling energy and variety of culture and people.  Eventually, I was able to experience what I wanted by traveling to cities like London, Shanghai, Milan, and Paris.  Although I still love visiting a city, I began to wish for a moment in the wide open spaces I had grown up in.  Encompassed by the clouds of pollution while visiting China and recalling the skyscrapers and flashing billboards of Times Square in New York City, I often wondered if the planet would soon become one giant city of smog with advertisements of franchises and corporations.  Cities can give us great opportunity, but I find my creativity and inspiration can flourish just as much in the natural beauty of the outdoors.  If you don’t understand what I mean, take a look at these photos from my travels around the world to inspire you to enjoy and preserve nature for future generations: Continue Reading ›

Onward Explorers!

It’s only been a couple of days since my departure from San Diego, yet it feels like a lifetime.  I left early on a Monday morning; packing my last few boxes in an already stuffed car and opening every drawer and cupboard carefully searching for any small object.  One I excel at is leaving behind one item everywhere I’ve been.  I tend to think of this action as leaving behind evidence for the next person to find or a part of me that can stay, even if I want to leave.  While I’m sure my long lost items are tossed, it’s nice to think otherwise.  Our attachments to items fascinates me because it seems as though we cease to exist without any trace of them.

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A Glimpse Into the Past at Coronado and Old Town

For the last few nights in San Diego, my journey becomes more exciting upon the arrival of my mom.  As I anxiously await her arrival and my final work day, my anticipation for a visit to Coronado heightens.  Various suggestions for this city have peaked my curiosity, and once Sunday approaches, I’m ready to go.  Sunscreen, water bottles, and Capriotti sandwiches in hand, we’re prepared–San Diego sun do your worst Previously we discuss taking a ride on the Coronado Ferry, but seeing the road for the Coronado Bridge, we decide to take our chances on the possibility of limited parking spaces on the other side.

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The San Diego Zoo: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

One thing I have never grown out of is my love and adoration for animals.  As an adult with my own apartment and private bedroom, my bed is still graced by the presence of stuffed bears, dogs, and Hello Kitty toys.  When Secret Santa time arrives in the wardrobe room, my co-workers know how ecstatic I am when a Hello Kitty or Snoopy toy finds its way to my desk.  For a brief period I ate as a vegetarian and although I eat some meats, I was unable to finish a side dish of quail at The Fort because I kept picturing a quail flapping away as I ate a wing.  My favorite part of Balboa Park is the dog park and I felt like I was in heaven strolling along Dog Beach as my friends filmed their 7-month-old French Poodle mix, Baylee, for a video contest.  I can’t hide my excitement as I ask dog owners about their breeds in hopes of scouting out my next puppy.  It’s no surprise then, that one of my coveted destinations is the San Diego Zoo.

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