DIY Cleaning Supplies

If there’s anything I’ve learned from February’s affirmation, it’s that cleaning supplies don’t have to be purchased at the store and you can save money by making them yourself. I haven’t been using my cleaning supplies for very long, but I am pleased to report success so far. Finding some of the ingredients was tricky, but I’ve found items like essential oils can be found on sale at department stores and items like spray bottles, vinegar, and baking soda are at the dollar store. What I’ve been even more delighted by are the smells of tea tree oil and orange oil in my bathroom instead of manufactured cleaning supplies. If you’re convinced you need to give it a shot, here are a few recipes I used to master this affirmation. Continue Reading ›

Movie Stars Who Support Sustainability

Tonight, Hollywood is preparing the red carpet to honor numerous movie stars, innovative production designers, and creative filmmakers on their golden night. The Academy Awards have always been a part of my itinerary, and tonight is no exception. What makes me even more excited about this ceremony aren’t the authentic fashion designs, rather I’m even more honored to see movie stars who aren’t afraid to show their support for sustainability. You probably know many of these people already, but I found a few more I wasn’t even aware of. Rather than share a very long list that would take months to expand on, I’m sharing a few I admire who truly understand the importance of advocating for the environment. In no particular order, here they are: Continue Reading ›

The Importance of Kindness During Travel

Getting ready for travel requires careful packing and making numerous checklists. Any experienced traveler will tell you what you shouldn’t forget: passport, tickets, money, snacks, first aid kit, and a camera. All of these items and more are incredibly important and should not be forgotten, but there’s always one thing we forget to bring with us: kindness. I’d like to think that travel can make us more tolerant and willing to assist others, but as posts from Adventurous Kate and Expat Edna will tell you, people are still close-minded and judgmental. I find this is true not only of travelers, but locals as well. Is there a way to make the world kinder? On Random Acts of Kindness Day, here are a few situations that have inspired me to think differently about how I travel and live: Continue Reading ›

For the Love of Travel

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

—The Sound of Music

When I’m asked what I want to do with my life after graduate school, I can only come up with one response of certainty: “I want to travel. I want to live internationally.” I’ve always wanted travel in my life; it’s something that isn’t a completely foreign concept to me. Foreign countries may sound intimidating, but in reality, the thought of living somewhere else isn’t a strange idea to me. Some people, however, don’t share the same enthusiasm for my idea. Shouldn’t I want a job or career first? Shouldn’t I be looking for a companion, someone to share in my love of travel? Of course, I do want a career and eventually a partner, but I have different priorities. Continue Reading ›

February 2017 Affirmations

Like most months, February is known for certain ideals. January is known for changes and new developments, and as I’ve found in the past, sticking to changes and improvements isn’t always easy. It can seem even harder when the goals are meant for sustainability. This year, however, I’ve decided to make a change by setting goals that allow me to take steps towards sustainability one at a time. As I mentioned last month, accomplishing goals can seem overwhelming at times, which is why I’ve decided to set affirmations instead. Having completed January, I’m looking forward to what’s next for February. However, before I jump in, here are a few moments and highlights from last month’s affirmation: I am a person who develops and maintains healthy relationships. Continue Reading ›