Seasons at the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

A few years ago living in Denver and needing a change of scenery, my friend Caitlin and I decided to head to Littleton to see the Christmas Trail of Lights display at the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms.  Since we already lived in the neighborhood of the York Street location and seen their garden lights, we decided it was time to head to a different destination.  Running through the walkways and trying to stay warm in the chilly air, I continually wondered what the gardens looked like in the daylight.  So, upon returning to Denver for my sister’s wedding a few years later, I know the one place I want to journey to.  Luckily for me another friend, Reagan, who’s also visiting Denver, is eager to join me as I take a closer look at how these two different seasons and friendships evolve within the world of the Denver Botanic Gardens in Chatfield. Continue Reading ›

Floating on the Gunnison River

Even though the grand tour of Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota has come to a final destination in Colorado, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to stop looking for National Park Stamps.  Although I used to live in Denver, Colorado for several years and found any opportunity I could to get more stamps, I missed out on a few in Western Colorado.  So, to make up for lost time, I join my mom and dad on a boat tour of Curecanti National Recreation Area.  Although I’m apprehensive about getting motion sickness along the Gunnison River, I’m determined to enjoy this trip and experience more of Colorado’s beauty and some unexpected controversy.  Want to see what I mean?  Then join me as I follow the Gunnison River to discover some of nature’s spectacular scenery: Continue Reading ›

Celebrating the 30 List

It’s hard to believe I’ve already reached the end of thirty, and I’m on to thirty-one. So much has happened it seems like it has only been two days since I was soaking up the sun in Mancora, Peru and blowing out candles to celebrate a new decade of my life. I’ll be honest, there have been lots of major ups and downs and rather than hide those away, I’d rather tell you that life involves both good and bad. Why? Because no one has an easy or perfect life, it simply doesn’t exist, especially when you’re considering possible life changes. Embarking on and exploring new possible career options, I set goals in “The 30 List,” to help me gain some perspective and have a few things to work towards. Did I accomplish all that I set out to do? What improvements did I make to my life? Let’s take a look: Continue Reading ›

Our Incredible Planet

“The earth is what we all have in common.”
-Wendell Berry

I’ve traveled many places and seen many cultures around the world, and the one thing that always inspires and at times perplexes me is how we are all connected by the earth we live on.  Growing up in the southwestern United States, I was used to open spaces with a unique mix of orange desert sand and hillsides of mountains covered with pine trees.  I was always eager to venture to the city and feel its bustling energy and variety of culture and people.  Eventually, I was able to experience what I wanted by traveling to cities like London, Shanghai, Milan, and Paris.  Although I still love visiting a city, I began to wish for a moment in the wide open spaces I had grown up in.  Encompassed by the clouds of pollution while visiting China and recalling the skyscrapers and flashing billboards of Times Square in New York City, I often wondered if the planet would soon become one giant city of smog with advertisements of franchises and corporations.  Cities can give us great opportunity, but I find my creativity and inspiration can flourish just as much in the natural beauty of the outdoors.  If you don’t understand what I mean, take a look at these photos from my travels around the world to inspire you to enjoy and preserve nature for future generations: Continue Reading ›

The Resonating Note

Love.  Music.  Intrigue.  Imagine these three words with gondolas, rain, and risotto and you have the setting of my recent activities.  Since when did I head to Venice?  Since I began my work on the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company‘s world premiere of Appoggiatura.  In this brand new play written by three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee James Still, Helen, Chuck and Sylvie are touring Europe starting with Italy and are confronted by their relationships, past and present.  Tensions build as the characters run around Venice and search for each other, collide with visions of the past, and eventually find themselves amongst the directions, “A destra, a sinistra, dritto, dritto.”  Ready to join me in Venice?  Then come along as a take you through my style sets inspired by the costume designs of Appoggiatura Costume Designer Meghan Anderson Doyle. Continue Reading ›