Pantone Spring 2016 Jewelry

Since digging into my interests in graphic designs, Pantone, the color dictionary has become more than a series of monochromatic and complementary colors.  So far this year, the colors have become my discoveries from favorite fashion companies as well as symbols for my journey in life.  Last spring, the Pantone colors symbolized something different for me as I determined my next steps after leaving my job as a costumer in Denver.  This year, they hold entirely different meanings and lessons.  For the first time in a while, I have a focus and am eager to pursue a specific career path as a member of a Master of Fine Arts program for Arts Administration during the next couple of years and my recent Costa Rica travels opened me up to possibilities and provided me seashells for the perfect pendants in my latest jewelry collections inspired by Pantone colors.  Join me on my latest colorful journey to see exactly where I’ll be heading next. Continue Reading ›

Luck on Chinese New Year

My grandmother is getting ready for Chinese New Year after a Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory, carefully placing red and gold envelopes on the dining room table covered with oranges, candies, Chinese sweets and a vase full of red roses. The red accoutrements adorning the table are all to bring good luck in the New Year, and I’m happy for any opportunity to rope in a little good fortune. Although I agree most people make their own luck through hard work and dedication, I decide to work on a Lucky Knot to make my own rabbit’s foot. My grandmother asks if the game is over, but for me it seems like it’s all just begun. With multiple applications for jobs and school in the balance and two possible places to land for a while, I wonder if not washing my hair and refraining from eating meat on Monday will give me a little bit of hope I’ve been looking for. Continue Reading ›

Art Vs. Craft

On the final day of my drawing class, a classmate eagerly pursued me and asked, “Can I draw you in class today?”  He seemed intrigued as his eyes looked over my features, not that I got the sense he was necessarily pursuing me romantically.  Instead he seemed to be taking me on like a challenge, but I wasn’t sure what the challenge was.  “Sure,” I responded, shrugging my shoulders and not thinking much about it.  I didn’t think more on it as I concentrated on drawing another classmate, until I saw the final result.  It hit me hard.  It wasn’t that it was terrible.  It was that the drawing was so accurate my heart jumped.  I couldn’t believe how I looked.  He perfectly captured my large dark brown Italian pupils perched in the narrow Epicanthic folds of my eyelids.  I always thought I looked Mediterranean, but never Asian.  “I look Japanese,” I replied in shock.  He took this as an offense, but that wasn’t the problem.  It surprised me that someone could capture me so well.  Other students tried, and some were close, but none had drawings like this final result.  Continue Reading ›

Why Handmade Products Are Important

“That’s wonderful! You should open up an Etsy business! What about a bridal shop?!? You would make SO much money!” This is a typical response from most people when I tell them I used to work in costumes and I know how to sew. With the rise of Etsy, the ultimate marketplace for handmade goods, and fair trade and social enterprises, the term “handmade” has taken on many meanings. Some think handmade items are poor quality and inconsistent, others see it a unique and quaint profession. Whatever the notion may be, despite the rise of handmade items, I refuse to start an online Etsy business or sew for others, and I’m finding I’m not the only one. There’s certainly talent for it, so why are there craft artisans who leave their talents behind? How big is this boom in the handmade marketplace and are people actually beginning to value the work that goes into these handcrafted items? Continue Reading ›

5 Mistakes I Made in my Theatre Career

Jumping on the train marked Forest Park, I suddenly found myself completely surrounded by people holding onto suitcases and bags, anxiously awaiting their next stop. Digging into my purse for a set of handwritten instructions, I looked over them to determine when to switch to the Brown Line. Even though I had an hour until I reached my temporary residence in Chicago, being in a new city I didn’t want to make any mistakes and end up lost. The worries ran in my head, until I looked up at the crowded cart and thought, “I’ve ridden on public transportation in so many cities, who’s to say I couldn’t do this Chicago?” Immediately I was taken back to my very first internship in London as a costumer for a small company on the outskirts of the city. If I could manage Heathrow airport and the Tube, surely I could manage Chicago’s CTA Line, right? I wasn’t sure and as I embarked on a career change in a new city with uncertainty of what I’ll do after this internship in Chicago. I could only think, would I be able to shed the mistakes of my previous career? Or, would I continue to feel uncertain and never know where to go next? It may seem as though theatre has nothing to do with my latest pursuits in Marketing, Communications, and Development, but as I’m finding, there’s mistakes from my theatre past that I can learn from for the future, wherever my career goes. Here are a few lessons I’ve discovered after making mistakes in theatre: Continue Reading ›