DIY Valentines Gifts For Classmates

Since starting school, my focus on craft projects has been restricted by homework. However, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve been getting back to my crafting roots for a much-needed relief. Although I’m focusing less on crafts with my blog, unless it’s repurposing or upcycling, I’ve wanted to share the spirit of love with some DIY projects I found for Valentine’s Day. At first, I didn’t think there would be many ideas out there for classmates, Pinterest definitely proved me wrong. To see what I’ve come up with for my graduate school classmates, see what I’ve crafted below. Continue Reading ›

My 5 Favorite Repurposing and Craft Bloggers

If you have a Pinterest account or shop on Etsy, you’re probably well aware of the DIY movement and surge of craft bloggers and techniques.  Whether this is something completely new to you or not, there are plenty of resources available that I admire for their promotion of sustainability through repurposing and crafting.  With National Sewing Month in motion, I’m sharing a few of my favorite crafting and repurposing bloggers.  Their styles range from repairing items to give them a renewed purpose to fun projects that reinvigorate your décor style.  If you’re looking for some new crafting inspiration, take a look at a few of my suggestions. Continue Reading ›

Quotes for National Sewing Month

Although my sewing projects aren’t as frequent or as prevalent as they used to be, I still have respect for National Sewing Month this September.  Because of my costuming work, I’m aware of how much work sewing is and I continue to advocate for artisans all over the world, no matter their medium.  This belief is what makes National Sewing Month resonate with me even more.  And, as a supporter of sustainability, I believe everyone should learn to sew.  Like most people, you are probably very apprehensive to pick up a sewing needle and thread.  To inspire you to pursue your inner sewing creativity, consider a few of these unique quotes to discover what possibilities may be in store for you (even if that means you only attempt to replace buttons on a shirt instead of taking it to a tailor). Continue Reading ›

William Shakespeare: Fashionista

If I were to ask you whom you would consider a fashion expert, you’d probably respond with top name designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel or Edith Head.  The last person you’d think of is famous classical English playwright William Shakespeare.  Most of the time, Shakespeare is associated with memories of English homework you didn’t want to do or yet another assignment about Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet.  It may surprise you to find that Shakespeare was actually quite fashion savvy.  As a current staff member for the Utah Shakespeare Festival, I’ve found Shakespeare has numerous clothing and fashion references and what better time to share them than for the Beverley Center for the Arts opening July 7-9 in Cedar City, Utah?  In honor of this festive occasion, here are some of Shakespeare’s fashion observations from Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V and Julius Caesar, the three Shakespeare productions at the Festival this season. Continue Reading ›

Pantone Spring 2016 Jewelry

Since digging into my interests in graphic designs, Pantone, the color dictionary has become more than a series of monochromatic and complementary colors.  So far this year, the colors have become my discoveries from favorite fashion companies as well as symbols for my journey in life.  Last spring, the Pantone colors symbolized something different for me as I determined my next steps after leaving my job as a costumer in Denver.  This year, they hold entirely different meanings and lessons.  For the first time in a while, I have a focus and am eager to pursue a specific career path as a member of a Master of Fine Arts program for Arts Administration during the next couple of years and my recent Costa Rica travels opened me up to possibilities and provided me seashells for the perfect pendants in my latest jewelry collections inspired by Pantone colors.  Join me on my latest colorful journey to see exactly where I’ll be heading next. Continue Reading ›