August 2017 Affirmations

August marks many important dates for me. Summer school is coming to an end and Fall semester will quickly approach at the end of the month. Plastic-Free July is over and has left me with even more ideas and goals for sustainable living. And, fingers crossed I can get some travel time now that school is over. With some time off, I’ve decided this month’s affirmations could also be used to catch up on sewing projects, especially since it’s something that would be great to check off my 30 list.

So, what can my readers expect from me this month? Here’s what I have in store for August: I am a person who repairs, repurposes, and makes their clothing and accessories. Although I have worked as a seamstress, I do not consider myself and highly skilled and accomplished one. And, I realize not everyone can or wants to sew, which is why I plan on sharing simple skills you can learn to repair clothing and accessories as well as make your own. Pinterest absolutely has some great tips, and there are plenty of crafting and re-purposing bloggers I already admire who can give me some great ideas.

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay

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