A Visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art

On the way to Washington D.C. for Arts Advocacy Day, Katie and Cameron (my graduate school classmates) and I decided one thing had to be done: Visit Baltimore and eat Captain Crunch French Toast. In order to make our goals happen, we purchased tickets on a red-eye flight that would land us in Baltimore early in the morning. Despite the fact that we were met with biting cold weather, we ventured out into Baltimore after devouring breakfast at the Blue Moon Café. Our main destination? The Baltimore Museum of Art. With student loans and budgets on our minds, we were excited this site is free admission, and as Arts Administration students, we’re even more excited to explore a museum with exquisite art.

To our delight, we experience more than we bargained for. The Baltimore Museum of Art is full 19th-century, modern, and contemporary artwork ranging from paintings to sculpture to textiles. Within the museum, we discover something that immediately draws us in. I’m thrilled to find an eclectic mix of world art including Asian and African, Cameron watches and analyzes the displays from an educational perspective, and Katie is beyond words when she discovers work from one of her favorite photographers. While my cohorts are immersed in paintings and furniture, I get lost in textiles, soaking up every bit of information regarding this art form.

On our way out of the museum, we’re happy we made the stop to explore this museum, even though we’re tired and had to endure a great deal of cold weather to arrive. Making our way downstairs and back to the entrance, we stumble upon a group of school children and immediately we begin to think of the future art lovers we hope the museum is cultivating. As Cameron thinks over future education programming for his tours with the Utah Shakespeare Festival, I head to the gift shop and browse for future gifts to feature in the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA). Looking back at our entrance into the museum, we think on the story of this museum and how it engages audiences from beginning to end. Those thoughts continue to stay with us as we leave. Our future work as arts administrators has us hopeful we can inspire others to make their way through a museum like this one and transform into future arts supporters.

Hours and Locations

Baltimore Museum of Art: 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Maryland, Museum Gallery hours: Closed Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm (for BMA Shop and Gertrude’s hours visit the BMA Website), Free Admission.

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  1. Elaine J Masters

    Very cool that you’re working to become arts administrators. Artists need your talents and I’m glad that your’re enhancing them with Captain Crunch and museums!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks, Elaine! I’ve loved developing my role as an arts administrator, it has been a fulfilling and rewarding career pursuit.

  2. galanda23

    This looks like a great museum to visit. I’ve never been in Baltimore but hope to make it there someday. Will surely visit the Baltimore Museum of Art when in town. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I hope you can make it to Baltimore soon. I would definitely revisit both the city and this museum!

  3. Anisa

    I love when museums have free admission! And captain crunch french toast sounds like a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thank you for stopping by and visiting. This museum and the french toast were 100% worth my visit to Baltimore! I would absolutely go back and explore more.

  4. I’m not a big fan of museums, but that pottery is beautiful! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  5. Katy

    You had me at the french toast but this museum looks like an interesting place to spend an hour in Baltimore #FarawayFiles

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I definitely wasn’t disappointed with our visit to this museum, and the Captain Crunch French Toast was worth my visit to Baltimore!

  6. Rhonda Albom

    I’ve never heard of this museum before. I like the mixed media on display. I might wait till the summer (to avoid the cold).

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Yes, I recommend fall or summer. I am a wimp, however, and can’t handle much cold, ;). The mix of visual art, textiles, furniture, and more was absolutely worth withstanding the cold!

  7. Clare Thomson

    I am in love with that greeny gold urn you’ve photographed! The museum looks wonderful, Brooke. I’d definitely make a detour here – as well as to the café for some of that yummy looking French Toast. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    • brooklyntvlasich

      You’re welcome! I’m always happy when I can inspire people with travel (and yummy food). Hope you can make a stop to this museum!

  8. acraftymix

    How beautiful, I wish I was closer to go visit the museum Brooke. I’d get lost inside forever

    • brooklyntvlasich

      It’s very easy to get caught up in this museum! I definitely found it hard to leave. 😉

  9. How great to be an arts administrator! Given the ever changing climate and challenges the arts endure, we need as many people working for them as we can get! Good on ya! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thank you for your great compliments! I look forward to working towards making an impact on the arts and furthering it in our society. 🙂

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