A Spooky Season

Happy Halloween


Already the Christmas decor is on display at major retail stores; glittery stickers, Christmas tree decorations, and holly and ivy cover shelves and aisle displays.  Any signs of turkeys for Thanksgiving and pumpkins for Halloween are practically forgotten and tonight’s Halloween seems as though it will only be another excuse to party like crazy after the neighborhood kids have had their fun Trick-or-Treating.  Everyone seems to know about the “Christmas Spirit,” but “Halloween Spirit” is unrecognizable.  I, on the other hand, still enjoy having some reminiscent “Halloween Spirit” as I giggle thinking of Linus fainting in the pumpkin patch, shiver from anticipation of a Hitchcock thriller my dad would watch with us, and panic when I think of a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories my friend sent to me as a present with a note, “I know you love these old dead guys.”  Speaking of dead guys, I could tell you a list of my favorite zombie movies and remember how an ex-boyfriend would point to metal fences and claim, “That’s where we should go when the zombies attack.”  I may not be Trick-or-Treating, but Halloween always creeps its way into my everyday life, including this collection of style sets:

Pumpkin Set


My favorite Halloween TV show?  Although The Munsters and Bewitched were always classics, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” that always captures my heart.  So, why not show some love for pumpkins with a burnt orange top from luxury ethical fashion brand Maiyet?  In addition to the top half, I’ve paired it with some orange, jade green, and tan shoes from Po-Zu, a company whose Japanese name means “pause” and consider ethical methods for fashion production.  To compliment the jade, I’ve brought in jewelry from Faire Collection, a sustainable fashion company who works with artisans in Ecuador, Swaziland, and Vietnam, as well as earrings from Mata Traders.  (Mata Traders has some adorable earrings, including a set of umbrellas with beaded raindrops)  Helping tie in the green and orange is a nice beige purse from Hearts.com, skirt from Alabama Chanin (who just partnered with Patagonia for their Truth to Materials collection), and a beige and orange bracelet from Noonday Collection.

Beige, Brown, and a Hint of Maroon


My other favorite Halloween pastime besides dressing up in costumes and getting candy?  Watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  His films never cease to thrill me, even if I already know Jimmy Stewart will solve the crime his neighbor has committed in “Rear Window” and I know the truth behind the disappearance of women at the Bates Hotel in “Psycho.”  As an homage to this master of thrill and mystery, a bird print dress from Shop Ethica pays its respects to “The Birds,” and a set of spiraling earrings will remind you of a crippling fear of heights in “Vertigo.”  Aviator-esque vintage sunglasses from Hearts.com will have you running from an airplane in a corn field like Cary Grant in North by Northwest and with a ring shaped like binoculars, you’ll be able to help Jimmy Stewart solve the crime in his apartment complex.  An Alpaca tweed coat from Eileen Fisher, heels from Bourgeois Boheme and a burgundy hat from Faire Collection, give a nod to Hitchcock’s style conscious and retro heroines.  Hopefully the only blood you’ll find is in Shop Ethica‘s vintage burgundy necklace, but keep Maiyet‘s Open Poison Dart Necklace with you in case any intruders pursue you like Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder.

Red and Black


Although it’s not a fond association I have for Halloween, I always remember Edgar Allen Poe’s disturbing stories of terror and murder.  This look begins with a nod to the “Tell-Tale Heart,” with People Tree‘s fair trade “Go Heart Yourself” t-shirt.  With Maiyet‘s black leather jacket and Bourgeois Boheme‘s leather knee-high boots this edgy look appears to have something lurking underneath the surface like “The Black Cat.”  A patterned skirt from People Tree, the U.K. based fair trade clothing company, you’ll have people intrigued by its beckoning patterns like the call of “The Raven.”  To add to your off-beat look, polish it off with jewelry from Same Sky, a company who supports artisans in Rwanda, Faire Collection, and U.K. luxury jewelry company, Cred Jewellry (psst, they have a sale on Creepy Crawly Jewelry until November 2nd).  Got secrets to hide?  Keep them in ethical U.K. purse company, Fashion Compassion‘s, red handbag.

You may not be able to wear your Halloween costume throughout the year, but with a few style inspirations, Halloween never goes out of style!  At times I wish putting together a costume would be as easy as putting together an outfit, but I can’t seem to help my knack for elaborate Halloween costume plans that tend to sit in a bin in my bedroom.  For now, I’ll be pulling out that Hello Kitty Halloween dress that I’m hoping to influence a co-worker to sew in the zipper, and preparing my house for a fun and decorative Halloween party.  After all, what is the “Halloween spirit” if not fun, celebratory, and pretending to be a character (other than yourself) for the evening?  Just about anything is possible on Halloween, but I’ll only count on a zombie apocalypse in “28 Days Later,” “Warm Bodies,” or “Shaun of the Dead.”


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