A Little Help From My Friends

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Every time I return to Denver, I feel as though I’m having coffee with an old friend.  Denver knows all of my dreams, heartbreaks, failed attempts, and hopes for a promising future.  I read a saying that stated, “You’ll always be my good friends, because you know all of my secrets.”  Denver knows a great deal about me.  It knows about the times I took the wrong exit on the freeway or missed the correct ramp to take me home and heard me yell and cry as I struggled to find my way.  It knows about the time a boyfriend covered me with pillows and blankets, and he laughed at my humor when I whined, “I’m a Chilean Minoooo!” (translation: “I’m a Chilean Miner!”).  It remembers the time I hid in my kitchen corner waiting for a mouse to follow the trail of cheese I left heading towards the balcony (if I only had a broom instead of a Swiffer mop).  Having lived in Colorado for the past ten years, I know it will remain a constant, familiar acquaintance.

Returning to Denver, I began to realize how many good friends I have.  Within one week of notifying people of my search for an apartment, several offered a pull-out bed, a couch, and a garage for storage.  Numerous texts, phone calls, and e-mails continually ask of my return date and possible activities and get-togethers.  Between looking for a place to live, my days were quickly filled with a trip to a museum, a fundraiser dinner with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings, and a weekend bridal shower involving reconnecting with college friends quickly filled up my time.  While I enjoy traveling afar and becoming acquainted with a new city and its people is exciting, sometimes it’s nice to return and spend time with familiarity.

As I spend time searching through various studio apartments and rooms for rent, I begin to see that there’s so much of Denver I still haven’t seen yet.  Many times I planned trips to museum exhibits or explore a National Park and other last-minute priorities derailed my plan of action.  Instead of making excuses, I decide it’s time to make sure those excuses don’t hinder my sense of adventure.  There’s hidden treasures everywhere, and I am determined to find the ones I haven’t discovered in Denver.  I find that although I don’t ramble verbally, I ramble and wander wherever I happen to be to experience as much as I can and develop a sense of what the area has to offer to me, its citizens, and the world.  In any place I visit or live in I do my best not to be a tourist.  However, I plan on spending my time here in Denver with a new perspective by being a visitor as much as I can with my Asian tourist camera in hand.

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