A Little Bit About Ashland, Oregon

So, since I only work Tuesday through Saturday, I have had the last two days off. I thought I might give some of my readers a little more perspective on Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is a small town that is situated in the mountains. I’ve been told that it gets more snow than Portland, but it isn’t as rainy as Portland. Unlike most small towns that I’ve lived in, Ashland is much more artistic. When I got here, I actually flew to the Medford airport (a very small airport) and was driven to Ashland which is about 15 minutes away. Ashland has very little commercialized stores. There is no Target, Wal-Mart, or mall. There is a Wendy’s, a Safeway, an Albertsons, and a Starbucks. The town has much more localized business. The only grocery store closest to me is Ashland Cooperative, which is an organic food store since people in Ashland are very health aware and conscious.

The only small frustration I have sometimes is that Ashland is a VERY expensive town. Because there is more localized business, there’s nothing like a Target clearance or a buy 10 for the price of $1. I do like, however, that the people have kept the local business. It makes the town very authentic and unique. I actually like that more people are earth-friendly and recycle. I do wish that I had a car, however, because it would be easier to get to some of the places, like the dollar store or the Shop ‘N Kart (the cheaper grocery store in town).

Saturday night a snowstorm hit the mountains, so there was a small layer of snow everywhere. Not as bad as Denver when I left, so I’m used to the cold. I do like being here, but I do miss some things in Denver. Although I like traveling, I would like to get back to Denver to actually see my friends (since I didn’t get to see much of them when I left) and I’d like to live in my apartment with my sister rather than be gone the entire year. I’m beginning to see how traveling so much can get very difficult. I like it for now, but I’ve realized I don’t want to do too much of it. I will take the great opportunities that come my way, but I’d like to go back home every once and a while. It’s just one of things to get used to in the theatre world . . .

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