33: The Best Year

Although most of my reading these days is confined to business textbooks, I recently started looking up other interests in light of my 33rd birthday. So far, I’ve come to enjoy my thirties, even more than I enjoyed my twenties. Listening to friends who are just on the cusp of entering their thirties, I sense their anticipation and recall feeling anxious as twenty-nine came to a close. During a conversation with one of my friends who is considering going back to school for a career change she mentioned, “If I start next year, by the time I’m done I’ll be thirty-two!” I replied, “Does it make you feel any better if I tell you I’m thirty-two and just started graduate school?” Turning any new leaf (or age) sounds intimidating, but each year feels more like an accomplishment instead of something to dread. According to Yahoo!, thirty-three seems to be the age people report being their best year. But, before I say “Goodbye” to thirty-two, I’m taking a look back at more to check off on My 30 List.

In addition to finishing my first two semesters of graduate school (August marks one year), I also committed to finishing my sewing projects. Unfortunately, graduate school has not only expanded my mind but it also expanded my waistline (ugh). This past week I spent time going through every pattern and piece of fabric. I decided what I wanted to really make, which patterns were too small, and if I really wanted to haul this stuff around with me after next year. I decided the only way I would accomplish goal #10 is to determine what is realistic for me to achieve. As a result, some patterns and fabrics were donated to the local thrift store, and all fabric scraps were given to the Southern Utah Museum of Art’s education programming. Giving to programs that develop future arts supporters sounds wonderful to me, and having less stuff sounds even better. From now on, I’ve resolved to stick to sewing projects that require no zippers and less elaborate designs, it’s a great way for me to take on projects that are realistic and enjoyable to complete. Now that I’m closer to accomplishing goal #10, I’ll have to spend some time reading books for goal #9.

Zion National Park

Since I’ve left Colorado, I’m not sure when goal #14 of seeing a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre will happen, but now that I’m back in southern Utah, I’m happy to say goal #15 brought me to a deeper appreciation of art and the outdoors at Zion National Park. I’m also happy to note I pulled out my Spanish grammar book and re-started Duolingo. Goal #1 seems far away, but it not as far now that job applications have a preference for bilingual applicants. It’s a sign to me that I need to work on goal #21 and learn from others who could teach me some Spanish. Although goal #29 of owning a puppy seems even further away than goal #1, that doesn’t mean I can’t play with puppies I come across. A recent visit to St. George did just that when I stumbled across some Labrador puppies.

My travel goals (#2, #6, #11, #12, #13) are like distant dreams with tuition looming ahead of me. I remind myself I still have seven years to make these travel goals happen. Here’s to hoping credit card points and the app from the Travel Points Guy can get me ahead! Until then, I won’t settle for less (goal #24) and keep in mind that it’s never too late to make my travel and career dreams happen (goal #22).

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  1. Peggy

    If you could bear an old human, I would road trip to a Red Rock show if the stars aligned. I have not been and it’s on my list too.

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